Interior Wanderer

I have a curated coffee table now. That's right, I said it. 

Alright, I am obsessed with this company. Obsessed, I say! Interior Wanderer, if you've never heard of it - and you likely haven't, as it's brand-new - offers kits of curated products sourced from all over the world and designed in collaboration with incredible local artisans, and then tailored to various spaces in your home. The goal: To elevate a given space (entryway, living room, kitchen, bedroom, what have you) as if you'd hired an interior decorator know, hiring an interior decorator.

Read more about how Interior Wanderer works.

My Looks

A Little Fall Fashion Inspo From Yours Truly

Francesca and I were talking about "fashion these days," and agreed that the overarching theme appears to be "anything goes." T-shirts as dresses, grandpa sneakers, oversized earrings shaped like fruits...anything.

Which, I must say, I think is awesome. And I would also like a little credit for being an early adopter of this development, because please look at that insanity up there. I want to say it's terrible - because it seems like that's what you really *should* say about an outfit that includes shorts over fishnets, animal appliqués paired with faux fur, and a heavy dose of plaid in case all the aforementioned wasn't quite enough...

But I actually think it might be the best thing I've ever worn.

Fashion Tips & Reader Questions

The Mom Uniform: Autumn Edition

Today's post is a twofer, inspired by a couple of reader questions I received via Insta.

  1. Does comfort and style exist? Can you wear yoga pants but still be stylish? and
  2. I need a Mom Uniform for fall; help me.

The answer to the first question is a resounding "yes," and am certain that it is so, because otherwise I would be naked. There is just no power on earth (except for, perhaps, the possibility of a date with Jason Momoa) that could get me out of the house attired in clothing that makes me feel restricted in any way.

I try, I do: I put on something fabulous and uncomfortable...and then I change, and end up in a sweatshirt and jeans. And I'm okay with that, because it's my belief that 90% of looking good is feeling good - and so that's what I wear: what feels good.

Before & After Renovations

Play Place

Home contributor Audrey Scheck reveals a playroom before-and-after so spectacular you'll want to move into that tent immediately.

When we found our new house, we knew immediately that we would make one of the downstairs rooms into a play space for the kids. Our first house didn’t have a dedicated playroom, which meant that our living room essentially functioned as their play area. 

In other words, the toys were everrrrywhere.

Quick backstory here, because I always think it's nice to know a little about the history of a house: The previous owners were both scholars, and they each had their own office in the main house. Her office (which is now our playroom) was downstairs, with an exterior door leading out to the backyard, and his office was upstairs. They also had a library downstairs and a guest room, which became Huxley and Tilly's rooms, respectively. Despite being 100 years old, the house was in great shape - it just needed a little rethinking to make it work for our growing family.

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