In-Studio Segment with Jenn Fadal

I spent this morning shooting an in-studio segment with pet expert Jenn Fadal (and Ida the Adorable Beagle). She had tons of fantastic tips on everything from nutrition to exercise to choosing the right dog for your lifestyle – I’ll be sure to post the segment here once it airs so you can listen for yourself.

This was my first time hosting an in-studio interview (as opposed to working in a studio by myself, as I did for the Betty Crocker segments, or hosting on-site interviews, which are a bit more informal), so it was a little different…and very exciting for me.

Here’s how it works: see that little clock reading “3”? It counts down to one, and then I’m up: first I thank the host, and then I move into the segment, delivering an intro to that camera you see on the right. From then on I chat directly with the guest until it’s time for my outro, which I deliver back into that camera.

In a fun little coincidence, I ran into Top Chef contestant and author of Pretty Delicious Candice Kumai (whom you may remember from my Raspberry Oat Loaf Cake post) in the hallway, waiting to appear in a segment on At-Home Girls’ Brunches. I told her that her recipe came out beautifully :).

And as a quick aside, I just have to show you the cake stands that Candice was using for her segment. I own a Jadeite cake stand exactly like the one on the left, which I picked up in a vintage store in Ohio last Thanksgiving. But as it turns out, you don’t need to drive for ten hours to buy them: Fishs Eddy sells exact replicas in tons of different colors (dying over the pale pink).