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Now And Later

deux lux clutch

Over the past couple of days I’ve been scrolling back through my pregnancy style posts (both from this year and from 2011), and while I think I dressed pretty differently for Take 1 and Take 2 mostly because my style has changed a bit over the past couple of years, one thing was consistent: I never, ever wanted to not ... Read More »

Daily InstaGlam

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 6.50.54 PM

I may just need to keep shopping in #maternity stores post-birth. (Isabella Oliver sweater & AG jeans). { Follow along on Instagram @ramshackleglam } Read More »

Go Voyaging (And A Giveaway)

lagos jewelry

Our summer getaways this year are simple – a trip to the Santa Cruz boardwalk, a drive into San Francisco to visit friends for brunch, an afternoon exploring the redwoods in Marin – and so is my summer travel wardrobe. I want to fuss around with what I’m wearing on weekends even less than I want to fuss around with it in my daily life ... Read More »

The Good Luck Charms

malibu tee

Just one more month to go! I talk a lot about how it’s fun, when your shape changes as it does during pregnancy, to experiment with different styles, cuts, and shapes than you’re typically drawn to. Over the past few months, for example, I’ve been playing with loose, cropped pants, trapeze dresses, and lots and lots of vests. But sometimes, ... Read More »

On Set With Lucky Magazine

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 5.00.46 PM

On Me: Vince Colorblock Sweater; J Brand Secret Fit Belly Cargo Pants; my own heels.  (Incidentally, my hair is not blue, nor is it dip-dyed; I have no idea why it looks like it is in this photo.) I spent all day yesterday shooting a style series with Lucky and Destination Maternity (coming up in a couple of months) and discovering the ... Read More »

32 Week Checklist

jicama baby

We have a jicama! (I swear, my favorite thing about pregnancy may be the random fruit and vegetable comparisons. A jicama?! I don’t even know what a jicama looks like. But I’m sure it’s very cute.) Maternity clothes: Since I’ve been pretty much confined to the house with book rewrites and travel planning for the past few weeks, I’ve been living ... Read More »

Beach Day

jersey shore beach

Beach outfits are a little tricky at the moment. Basically…none of my bathing suits fit. And the bandeau-style ones that are adjustable and thus can be made technically the right size are nevertheless a little… ah… unsupportive. So I’m about to bite the bullet and invest in an actual maternity bathing suit (possibly this one, unless anyone has any especially ... Read More »

Jersey Shore

beach outfit

Giving my best gaze-into-the-distance face on Francesca’s porch. Ray Ban sunglasses; fedora ℅ Hat Attack; Forever 21 vest (similar); Nordstrom Rack shorts (similar); Huarache sandals and beach bag ℅ Crocs.  My Instagram feed this weekend was filled with beach shot after beach shot, so apparently we weren’t the only ones who saw an 80-degree day and immediately went looking for a patch of ... Read More »

The Favorites

foley corinna bag

Ahhh. Now this is a comfortable outfit. It also consists of some of my very favorite pieces in my wardrobe right now: - A tank that is so, so good and just $16 at the Gap (click here for the full view; you seriously have to get one) - A vest (which I’m finding is a key pregnancy piece, because it layers ... Read More »

In The Evening (Dress)…

neon dress

Nighttime (meaning cocktail- or black-tie-requiring) events at nearly seven months’ pregnant can be tricky. I try to avoid picking up big-ticket maternity items, since I don’t see the point of spending a ton of money on a piece that will  only be wearable for a couple of months…but formalwear presents a bit of a conundrum. When I was about this pregnant with Indy ... Read More »

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