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Comfort Zone

maternity tank

I don’t know whether it’s the warm air or what, but something’s in the water lately: everyone is just so nice. The other day I went into the city to shoot a segment and hung around for awhile afterwards to get a few errands done (including a stop into Anthropologie to return a broken necklace, which I exchanged for the completely ... Read More »


zara dress

Where I’m headed today: to the NBC studios in Rockefeller Center to film a NY Live interview about my book (and give some new-mom beauty ideas). And this is what I’m wearing. I’ve been doing a whole bunch of these segments lately, and while they still make me kind of nervous (albeit less and less with each one that passes), ... Read More »

Bare Legs And Boots

weitzman highland boots

I don’t work with Stuart Weitzman (I went to an event of theirs once and went home with a gorgeous pair of shoes and a discount card that enabled me to purchase additional pairs of shoes without passing out, but that’s the extent of it). I start with this caveat because this is now the second time I have needed ... Read More »

How-To: Wear Your “Regular” Clothes While Pregnant

white hat

This is a topic I’m pretty big on. Buying a ton of maternity pieces sounds fun…until you realize that they are often on the “dear god, no” side of expensive for things that you’re only going to wear for what amounts to a handful of weeks. There are some pieces I’m happy to invest in – like a striped sweater or a silk blouse that ... Read More »

Now You See It


Kendrick took these photos when I was slightly less than three months pregnant – that’s two full months ago – and I forgot to post them until now, and when I just scrolled back through my drafted posts and saw them I remember how I was so excited to finally be showing, and I thought I’d be all about the ... Read More »


maternity minidress

This is the outfit I was wearing when I had my little mini-swoon on the way home from a shoot in the Village the other day. So that wasn’t fun. But what was fun was that when I stopped into a store to rest for a moment, the store owner took one look at what I was wearing and did one of ... Read More »

All Torn Up


I spent a lot of time in high school feeling silly. Like the one people were making fun of, the one who stuttered or said the wrong thing or who had the fact that they were sad or embarrassed or afraid written right across the center of their face. I hated that what I was thinking and feeling was so ... Read More »

Rainbow Brite

rainbow sandals

For our last day in Florida, I thought I’d dress up like a rainbow. I rarely wear super-bright colors – and even more rarely wear a whole bunch of them at once – but I was inspired by my rainbow jelly sandals and the presence of palm trees to get crazy with it. Purple bag, orange shorts, chartreuse cardigan, turquoise ... Read More »

Some Romantic Evening

club med florida

I’ve owned this dress for a couple of years now, and I love it so much, and yet this is the second time I have ever worn it. Because while I’m usually all for wearing whatever you want wherever you want, and generally pay very little attention to things like dress codes and occasions…this dress is pretty specific. It kind ... Read More »

Happy Place

plaid dress

I think I’ve found my happy place, clothing-wise, for Pregnancy Number Two. The first time around I did a lot of experimenting, held onto my very high heels with an iron grip in an effort to maintain my “usual” look, and basically went all over the map, ending up with some hits and a whole bunch of misses (like this ... Read More »

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