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The Good Luck Charms

Just one more month to go!

I talk a lot about how it’s fun, when your shape changes as it does during pregnancy, to experiment with different styles, cuts, and shapes than you’re typically drawn to. Over the past few months, for example, I’ve been playing with loose, cropped pants, trapeze dresses, and lots and lots of vests.

But sometimes, especially when…oh everything about your life feels different, including your body (I’ve sort of reached the “an alien life force has taken over my torso” stage of pregnancy), it’s nice to put on exactly the kind of thing that makes you feel like you. While the top and jeans pictured here are new, every single one of the pieces that I’m wearing in these photos fall into the category of one of my all-time favorites.

malibu tee

The Shirt: I love a good, lightweight, loose-fitting vintage-y tee. This one, which I picked up a size too big so it’d fit, reminds me so much of living in California, Take One (when I was in my early-mid twenties); it’s exactly the kind of thing I used to wear (and apparently still do).

(If you like this Malibu Native tee, check out their other pieces here.)

secret fit belly

The Jeans: It is so exciting when you find a perfect pair of jeans. It’s basically a miracle when you find them and are over eight months pregnant. To me, perfect jeans are stretchy, distressed, and just a tiny bit cropped…and now my definition of “perfect” has expanded to include “has a Secret Fit Belly,” which you can see up there. It is the BEST THING EVER (and you can keep wearing the jeans post-pregnancy either as a transitional piece with a little support or by folding down the fabric panel into the waistband).

black sandals

The Shoes: Oops. I lied when I said that everything pictured here was an all-time favorite; super-simple, strappy black sandals, while a classic, are actually a new fixation for me. I’ve been mooning over Stuart Weitzman’s Nudist sandals for months and months, and at the Lucky shoot the other day the fashion director was wearing a pair of simple black Alexander Wang heels (these, I think) with jeans and a tee, and I loved how she looked. It’s not something I typically do (I usually feel like shoes are an opportunity to add color or pattern), but…ugh, so chic.

(These are an oldish DKNY pair from when I hosted this event, but I’m in search of something a little higher for post-pregnancy.)

deux lux backpack

The Bag: I’m a bit of a handbag obsessive – I have way, way, way too many, but I really do swap them out nearly every day and wear all of the ones I own – and picking just a couple of bags to come with me to Cali was a challenge. For my everyday bag I was going to go for a black bag with a long strap…but ended up deciding that a backpack would be the most comfortable piece to carry with me while exploring our new neighborhood, and navy is just as versatile as black, so there you go: backpack.

destination maternity jeans

malibu tee

On Me: Malibu Native Good Luck Charm tee; AG Jeans Secret Fit Belly Jeans; DKNY heels; Backpack ℅ Deux Lux; Hat Attack fedora; Ray Ban sunglasses ℅ Sunglass Hut.

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