On Set With Lucky Magazine

On Me: Vince Colorblock Sweater; J Brand Secret Fit Belly Cargo Pants; my own heels. 

(Incidentally, my hair is not blue, nor is it dip-dyed; I have no idea why it looks like it is in this photo.)

I spent all day yesterday shooting a style series with Lucky and Destination Maternity (coming up in a couple of months) and discovering the wonder that is the Secret Fit Belly (that panel that you see in lots of maternity pants that starts at the waistline and goes up over the stomach; it’s in the cargos pictured above). I totally didn’t get it before – I figured it would be tight, constricting, and generally miserable – and: nooooo. Amazing, and supportive, and so good.

(Also, I think that sweater is technically “maternity,” but all that really means in this case is that it’s loose-fitting, so even if you’re not expecting, if you’re in the market for a light, stripe-y summer sweater, go for it.)


Also: I found this t-shirt on a rack while we were shooting, and now it’s my favorite thing.

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