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Hatch DressDeux Lux Karma ClutchAnn Taylor Coat }

This is the outfit I was wearing when I had my little mini-swoon on the way home from a shoot in the Village the other day. So that wasn’t fun. But what was fun was that when I stopped into a store to rest for a moment, the store owner took one look at what I was wearing and did one of those dramatic snap-things and said, “Now that is how you do pregnancy clothing.” Which was nice. Because I had been having a kind of terrible day, and to suddenly feel pretty and chic despite everything that was going on…it made me feel good. Better, at least.

And there’s something great about the fact that a dress – just two pieces of fabric sewn together – can have the power to do that.

I didn’t wear shapes like this a ton last time around – I wore loose minis, sure, but I tended to belt them either above my stomach or below it – but I love it, and I think I’ve found my spring silhouette. The best part: it’s absolutely a style I’ll continue to wear long after our baby is born, meaning I may need to pick up…oh, one or two more. For those “need a lift” days. You know.

hatch dress

maternity dress

striped maternity dress

maternity minidress

On Me: Hatch DressDeux Lux Karma ClutchAnn Taylor Coat; BCBG hat (click here for a summery, asymmetrical version that I think is the cutest thing ever); Tom Ford sunglasses; J.Crew Mary Janes; Giles & Brother Archer necklace.

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