Kids In The Kitchen

jordan reid and son

From the time that my son could understand the word “cook,” he’s been in the kitchen right next to me more nights than not...and now that my daughter’s two, she’s starting to join us. Everyone has their special thing that they do with their kids, and for me it’s talking them through recipes; having them pour in milk or stir in chocolate chips; letting them taste as we go and see that it’s okay to experiment.

It’s less important to me that the food come out perfectly than that they feel confident in the kitchen – I want to make sure they know how to cook, but I also want to make sure they enjoy it. (My reasons for involving them in cooking so much are also selfish: in the kitchen is simply my favorite place to hang out with them, because they're simultaneously super-engaged and excited.)


In Which I Eat My Words

easy recipe for hoisin beef stir-fry with vegetables

Cher Blanc Square Bowls  Rochelle Gold Serving Bowl

I've been using Blue Apron for two entire weeks now, so I think that obviously qualifies me to give my expert opinion on it. (That is a joke. But I still want to write about it because I finally hopped on the food-delivery train four years after everyone else, and now I obviously need to be the 1,994,854th person to weigh in.)

Here are the reasons that I pshawed about Blue Apron (and similar services) for years:


Under The Sea

how to make a fondant octopus

Hey there buddy.

OK sooooo this weekend was a bit of an emotional hailstorm, between my daughter's second birthday and my son's first day of school today. Not a "bad" hailstorm, per se...just, you know: feelings. Like, all of them. (Evidence is presently over on my Snapchat @ramshackleglam.)

So while I have bazillions of photos to show you and tons of things I want to write about, let's keep it light today. It's Monday. Nobody needs any more feelings on a Monday; they need OCTOPUS CAKE. (I'm going to officially call this the Under The Sea Cake, because that sounds prettier, but excuse me did you see that octopus? He's adorable, and I think he should probably make an appearance on every cake I make forever and always.)


What’s In My Refrigerator?

what's in the refrigerator of a mom of two

Jello Pudding makes everything better.

I spent last night and the bulk of this morning writing a massive post exploring my getting-fired-from-It's-Always-Sunny-In-Philadelphia story through the lens of gender and sex in the workplace. It's essentially a retelling of the post I wrote on the subject many years ago, but it's only over the past couple of years that I've started to understand that what I went through, while devastating, wasn't especially unique - and I think that's an important part of the story to explore. (I also wanted to tell the story again because my first try was terribly written and I'm annoyed about that.) I didn't publish it here because you've already read parts of it if you've been reading RG for awhile, but if you'd like to check it out it's over on Medium.

Anyway. I'm exhausted and headache-y from the exercise of dredging up decade-old feelings, and so today? I am going to write about refrigerators.


Cold Pasta Salad with Feta, Olives and Tomatoes

I don't make this salad very often. And that's not because I don't like it all that's because I like it so much that I cannot stop eating it, even when it's 3 o'clock in the morning and I just stirred from my slumber ever-so-slightly when all of a sudden the words "COLD PASTA SALAD" propelled me towards the kitchen, where I later discovered myself standing in front of my refrigerator holding an empty Tupperware.

It's not a pretty sight. (It is, however, rather fun.)

But occasionally - like for my friend Elise's daughter's beach birthday party - I can be persuaded to whip up a batch.

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