Living Room Reveal!

I have been working my little tucchus off these last couple of weeks getting the new place in order, and I can't wait any longer: I need to start doing some room reveals, even if they're not perfect-perfect. (Which, of course, nothing ever is - especially in a house with oh god, so many children and cats and pillows that will not stay in the spot where I put them.)

The extent to which our living room - as distinct from the family room, where we keep the TV and thus my offspring - came together was such a surprise to meSee, when I moved into my last house I realized that I'd vastly underestimated just how large it was - it was easily twice the size of our place in San Jose. What that meant was that I had multiple completely unfurnished - and kind of enormous - rooms, and so I ended up buying furniture on a much bigger scale than I ever have before. That Ikea couch, for example - you know, the one that I had recovered? It is a BOAT.

When I toured this house before moving in, the formal living room - where that couch-boat would have to live for reasons I'll explain at a later date - struck me as kinda small, or at least too small for that couch. But I know, we're not in a couch-buying moment right now. So I'd just make it work.


Interior Wanderer

I have a curated coffee table now. That's right, I said it. 

Alright, I am obsessed with this company. Obsessed, I say! Interior Wanderer, if you've never heard of it - and you likely haven't, as it's brand-new - offers kits of curated products sourced from all over the world and designed in collaboration with incredible local artisans, and then tailored to various spaces in your home. The goal: To elevate a given space (entryway, living room, kitchen, bedroom, what have you) as if you'd hired an interior decorator know, hiring an interior decorator.

Read more about how Interior Wanderer works.


You’ll Adore These Simple Autumn Decor Ideas

Audrey Scheck

Home contributor Audrey Scheck cozies up with the cutest (and easiest) autumn accents.

Fall is my favorite season, and I’m willing to bet it’s up there for you, too. There’s something about Fall that seems to excite and unite everyone. Once Labor Day passes it feels like everyone is ready to cozy up for the remainder of the year, and I’m all about it!

Decorating for Fall is something I always look forward to. I have a mad love for pumpkins, spicy home scents, warm textures...and candy corn. (Oh my goodness, the candy corn. I try to limit myself to two bags per season, but let’s not talk to my husband about my success rate with that one.) But we have two young kids now, so these days Fall decorations come with two stipulations: they need to be easy, and they need to be indestructible. 


Take A Tour Of Betsey Johnson’s Pink Malibu Mobile Home

Take the tour

I met Betsey Johnson. Like, in person. That is obviously the most important part of this post ostensibly about her house, because excuse me, fifteen-year-old me was FREAKING. OUT. (OK, 38-year-old me was freaking out, too.)

My first impression of her was as she rolled up to me in, of all things, a golf cart. Her ponytailed hair was piled with blue extensions, she was wearing something that was a cross between a surfer-girl look and pajamas, and her tiny wrists and fingers were piled - absolutely piled - with jewelry. All this at 10 o'clock in the morning.


Living Room Rehab, Again

Couch rehab in progress

A few important points, before we begin:

  1. I have always wanted a caramel-leather couch.
  2. I cannot afford a caramel-leather couch.
  3. I enjoy having a white couch, in theory.
  4. I do not enjoy having a white couch in practice.

Now. Recall the Ikea couch I bought shortly after I moved to LA? The one I was so excited about for a minute, before I realized that the words "white" and "couch" should never, ever go together when a house is inhabited by a) children, b) animals, and c) me?