Couch Problems, Take 4,253 (And A Solution)

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Alright, so fiiiiiiine, the white family-room couch wasn’t my smartest-ever purchase. I rationalized it because a) it’s Ikea, and that’s where my budget tapped out, b) there was only one Ikea style that I really liked, and c) that one style only came in dark grey (too dark), pink (too pink), turquoise (just no) and – yes – white.

But I figured we’d be able to collectively hold it together for at least the minimum of two years that I feel like you should be able to get out of an Ikea sofa. …Right?


And it wasn’t the kids who killed the sofa. It was me. What can I say? This couch apparently exerts a powerful gravitational pull on my coffee. And I’ve been hauling off those cushion covers to wash them every couple of weeks, but – and if you have one of these couches, you feel me – putting the things back on is basically a full-time job. It is the actual worst, and I no longer have time in my life for such dilly-dallying.

Anyway, when I first posted a pic of this couch over on IG, reader Natalie commented saying that she had the same couch, and that she’d had it recovered in faux leather by a company called Comfort Works. I went on their site to check them out, and they’re more or less a dream come true: They make covers for popular couches from all the major brands (and custom versions, if your couch is more obscurely-sourced), and have bajagillions of different fabric options.

comfort works replacement Ikea sofa sectional cover

How the site works:

  • You find your couch;
  • You pick out a bunch of colors and fabrics you like;
  • You get sent swatches so you can see those colors and fabrics in person before making your selection;
  • You order your covers, and bask in the glory of having a new couch without having to actually buy a new couch.

I’m currently on Step 3 (pictured above), so I wanted to get your opinion.

comfort works replacement Ikea sofa sectional cover

My first thought was to choose a shade from Comfort Works’ Madison collection – a substantial-feeling but super-soft cotton that comes in really pretty, soft colors (I’m partial to the dove grey, although the pink is lovely too, and not too pink).

comfort works replacement Ikea sofa sectional cover

…And then I thought, you know, maybe get a little nutty with it and go full emerald velvet.

comfort works replacement Ikea sofa sectional cover

But then I remembered that if there is one thing velvet is not, it is amenable to stains. And while I’m OK with recovering a couch once, recovering it twice is not happening.

And then finally I checked out the faux leather covers, and remembered that I have always not-so-secretly coveted a caramel leather couch a la Restoration hardware, but that such a couch has never, ever been even close to being within my budget. And I remembered that Natalie said that she had the faux leather covers, and that they felt totally like the real thing. And then I looked at my caramel faux leather sample, which totally did feel real, and tried it out in a sunny spot and a shady spot…

comfort works replacement Ikea sofa sectional cover

And now I’m thinking faux caramel leather FTW.

But I’m curious what you think?? Which one would you go for, were you also the owner of a white Ikea couch with similarly disastrous coffee-related tendencies?

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