Holiday Gift Guide: (Still) At Home

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Welp, here we are! Still.

As much as this year has been all the awful things (like literally all of them), I have to say: I’ve loved the total and utter absence of FOMO. Truly, all I ever wanted to do on a Saturday night was drink a bottle of wine while watching Bachelor in Paradise reruns, and now? That’s all ANYONE does! It’s enormously validating, and I dread the day when I once again feel like I really *should* put on a pair of pants (ew) and actually…leave the house to…do something (shudder).

So: Here are my favorite discoveries to make this whole (still) at home thing just that much sweeter.


Knife Aid Sharpening Service

Have someone in your life who’s really leaned into the whole “home chef” side of quarantine life? Send them a gift card for Knife Aid, a mail-in sharpening service that removes virtually every excuse they might have for their hopelessly dull knives. Knife Aid will send them an envelope, and all they have to do is wrap up the knives (and/or scissors!) in the super-safe packaging, and stick it back in their mailbox (postage is pre-paid).

Price: $59 for 4 knives. Use code GLAM10 for 10% off.


Parker Clay Cuyama Coasters

Are your tabletops DESTROYED from months of wayyyy-too-frequent wear-and-tear? Mine, too. Everybody’s, probably. Who wouldn’t love a set of elegant leather coasters – made in a fair-trade factory in Ethiopia – to spruce up those sad, sad surfaces?

Price: $42 for four.


Pure Enrichment Air Purifier

Anyone who’s stuck at home 24/7 will adore this air purifier, which uses color-coded lighting detection technology to automatically adjust the fan speed in real-time. I’ve personally found it to be a lifesaver over the past few months, and especially love that it doesn’t look like…you know…an air purifier. It’s sleek and modern, and gives off the perfect amount of relaxation-enhancing white noise.

Price: $149 (and there are plenty of smaller and less expensive options on the Pure Enrichment site, as well).


A VoChill...And Some Nasty Woman Wine

We all have that friend who dumps ice cubes into her wineglass (hi, Aunt Trudy!). It’s very distressing – and you can correct that life choice for them with this ridiculously cool little device. The VoChill maintains wine at the perfect temperature to bring out its flavor profile – and makes for such a fun gift, especially when paired with a wine or three from Nasty Woman, just saying.

Price: $44.99


Abroad Modern Copper Water Bottle

One of the major ways I’ve been coping with all this extra stress is through long walks in the company of a big bottle of water – so if you have someone who loves them some hydration, this copper vessel from Abroad Modern is pretty much as stylish as it gets. And! Copper is naturally antibacterial, which is why it’s widely used throughout India (where these bottles are made) for eating, drinking and water storage.

Price: $25


Jafra At-Home Spa Products

Spas! Remember those?

Le sigh.

Aaaanyway, Jafra’s at-home spa products come as close as you can to the real experience. I particularly love the Mud Mask (which can be applied on face and body), the Day Care for hands (super-smoothing with SPC 15) and the Scalp Massage and Hair Treatment (oooh).

Prices start at $11.


eeboo Climate Change Puzzle

Puzzles? Yep, we’re STILL. THERE. At this point I’ve pretty much tried ’em all, so you can trust me when I tell you that eeboo’s are my favorite – they’re just the right level of difficulty to challenge you, but don’t require a Xanax if you want to complete them (hi, this puzzle).

Price: $21.99



Birkenstock Arizona Shearling Sandals

You know what I want for Christmas?


We’ve all more or less given up on the whole concept of shoe-wearing – slippers FTW – and these are about as close as you can get to slippers should you ever have to leave the house.

There is nobody who would not want to own fuzzy Birkenstocks.Nobody, I say!

Price: $150


Braid & Wood Indoor Plant Hangers

When you spend a few months staring at the same four walls, they tend to start looking a little dingy, and for my money there’s no single easier way to inject some life into a room than the addition of a plant. Braid & Wood’s maple and brass hangers come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and double as sculptural decor accents – just so pretty and fresh.

Prices start at $39.


Scoria Sustainable Cork Yoga Mat

For the at-home yoga enthusiast, it doesn’t get better than Scoria’s cork yoga mats. They’re non-slip, naturally antimicrobial, and stunning – I love this moon phases design, but they’re all gorgeous – and for every mat sold, the company donates 10 meals to Feeding Children Everywhere. (Kids’ mats are available, too.)

Price (for moon phases mat): $94


Barner Blue-Light Blocking Glasses

God only knows how much time we all spend staring at screens these days – I’ve personally turned off my screen time notification because STOP IT. These blue-light blocking glasses are super-stylish, and can improve sleep, reduce eyestrain, and prevent headaches. (I especially love the kids’ styles.)

Prices starting at $72.


Fancii Makeup Mirror/Ring Light

I LOVE this makeup mirror. Not for applying makeup – I mean please, that ended in April – but rather for upping my Zoom game. Less expensive than a ring light and more versatile – because it can still be used after Zoom has been abandoned as a relic of the hopefully-distant past – the light has two settings (I prefer the softer, warmer one) and charges via USB.

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