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Current Obsession: Clip-On Aviator Sunglasses

You should own these, I think. 

I have a thing for sunglasses. We know this. I also have a thing for glasses-glasses – I even went on a full-on mission to track down the glasses Ali Wong wears in her HBO special (it took ages. It was totally worth it).

The problem is that sometimes my thing for sunglasses and my thing for glasses are at odds, because from time to time I am both in the sun, and also in the mood to see. I’ve thought about picking up a pair of transitional lenses – you know, the ones that turn into sunglasses when you’re outdoors? – but another thing I am is very picky, and I’ve never found a pair that I loved both as sunglasses and as glasses. They feel like separate style categories to me.

Anyway, I appear to have found the most glamorously wonderful solution to this problem, and I didn’t even do it on purpose. Sunday Somewhere – a brand that I’m a looooongtime fan of – asked if I’d like to try their Valentine sunglasses (this is the Ale color), and I said yes, thinking they were cool, kind of industrial-looking round aviators. But then they arrived, and I discovered their secret.

Sunday somewhere valentine clip on round sunglasses


So now I have an appointment at LensCrafters to get them made into prescription glasses, at which point all of my eyewear-related dreams will have officially come true.

More Sunday Somewhere beauties, below.

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