Atomic Moms Interview: Anxiety, Divorce, and Falling On Our Faces

A couple of years ago, when The Big Fat Activity Book for Pregnant People came out, I had one of the best interview experiences of my life with Ellie Knaus of Atomic Moms – and so obviously I had to come back while doing press for the new book. In this episode we talk perfectionistic tendencies, anxiety attacks, massive life transitions, and single mom life. Oh, and we swap tales of hitting our absolute most humiliating rock bottoms before we became “recovering actors” (Ellie’s term, which I have now adopted as my own).

Oh AND I have real-time, major Life Realizations in this one. Like, on the air, while talking to Ellie. You can hear them. I also get weepy. It’s a good time.

P.S. Check out Ellie’s shop! Super cute tees – and I can vouch for their extreme softness, having felt them myself.

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