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Tiny Tags dog tag and nameplate necklaces

My thoughts on going back to my maiden name are over on IG.

Reformation is having a huuuuuge sale, and this minidress is just too cute. (Shop the entire sale here.)

There’s a Perseid shower this weekend! Here’s how to watch it.

I’m currently deep in the throes of staging my house for sale (more info on this fairly enormous life change to come, once my world has shifted back onto its axis). It’s actually kind of fun. I’m planning a post on everything I’ve learned about selling and buying houses, so if you have any specific questions you want answered, let me know?

I have always, always wanted a chair like this.

Interesting new product release: Bliss is making exfoliating cleansing sticks. I tried one out the other night, and it didn’t foam as much as I would have liked, but left my skin nice and soft. I wouldn’t use it on a day-to-day basis, but for travel: absolutely.

If you love Golden Goose sneakers, but do not love spending upwards of $400 on footwear, Converse makes a pair that’s so similar it should probably count as copyright infringement.

GAME-CHANGER. (Honestly, This Is the Only Way Bananas Should Be Sold, via The Kitchn.)

Prada’s spectacular velvet platforms are majorly on sale at Net-A-Porter. Still a fortune, but…less so?

Also on sale: this sporty-meets-girly (in such a fun way) MSGM dress, on MatchesFashion.

I’m annoyed at myself for being so interested in what the Kardashians wore to celebrate Kylie’s birthday. And even more annoyed at myself for liking their outfits SO MUCH. (All the Crazy Details from Kylie Jenner’s 21st Birthday Party, via Vogue.)

In other Kylie-related news (sorry), I have learned via Jenner that the big nail trend this season is “jelly nails.” It’s an intense look, but I love it, and currently have neon-purple, slightly sheer nail polish on. If you’d like to try a less-over-the-top twist on the look, I discovered the above combo, and adore it: Orly Breathable Treatment + Color in “Kiss Me; I’m Kind” with Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat layered in top. It creates a sheer but slightly neon look that’s kinda “bride-to-be goes to rave,” and I’m all about it.

No. (Face Tattoos Are the New Normal, via Vice.)

Marie Kondo is selling boxes, because of course she is. (Hikidashi Box Sets Will Bring Your KonMari-Ing To the Next Level, via Bustle.)

This Muslim lawyer’s story of being detained by CBP officers is fascinating, and infuriating. (Traveling While Muslim: The Case of the Exploding Chocolate, via Politico.)

I never had many (any?) feelings about Andie McDowell, but now I have all of them. (Andie McDowell, Still Worth It, via NY Times.)

Paper piles: the scourge of modern-day life. (5 Things You Need to now About Paper Clutter In the Kitchen, via The Kitchn.)

Not that I’m going to a club, but sure. Why not. (Would You Wear the Same Outfit from the Kitchen to the Club? Nike Is Betting On It, via Vogue.)

little sparrow faux floral wreath large gold hoop

Look at that (faux) gorgeousness! Little Sparrow makes the most beautiful floral hoop wreaths, and they’re perfect for nursery decor, wedding backdrops, or just wherever.

If you’ve ever wanted to spend an entire day baking a cake for your dog, here you go. (Is This Cake Worthy of My Dog?, via The Cut.)

“Sugar Babies aren’t paid. They’re given gifts.” Sweet gig, if not for the fact that in my experience, rich men are pretty boring. (I’m A Professional Sugar Baby. Here’s What It’s Like to Get Paid to Hang Out With Rich Guys,” via Time.)

This is an article about a pitcher. I read the whole thing, and now I want the pitcher that the article is about. (The Pitcher That Will Maybe Actually Make Me Drink More Water, via Eater.)

I have such major crushes on these two. (Colin Jost and Michael Che Gave Each Other Lie Detector Tests, And I’m Crying, via PopSugar.)

Now I want a slipdress. (6 Jennifer Aniston Outfits That Look Just as Cool 25 Years Later, via Who What Wear.)

Who knew I could dislike the Moon Juice chick even more? (This 35-Year-Old CEO Is Selling $40 Jars of ‘Sex Dust’ to the Masses – and People Are Hooked, via Time.)

Apparently I wear dresses now. It seems Jen inspired me. (This Rebecca Taylor one is ancient, but here’s a similar style if you want something floral and breezy.)

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