It’s Supplementary

You will actually never guess what’s in that glass. 

Before having children, poop (and situations related to poop) was not a topic I was particularly fond of discussing in public. And then I had children, and now I talk about it (and deal with it) multiple times each and every day of my life. My kids’ poop. My dogs’ poop. My cats’ poop. My poop!


The subject today is not “poop” per se, but rather the much more genteel concept of “lightening” (as in “lightening oneself via regularity”). Although for the purposes of this post we’re going to use the also-more-genteel term “waste” from this point forward. You know, so as not to offend anyone’s delicate sensibilities.

A little background for you: I’ve been feeling extremely blah for the past few weeks (months? years?). My surgery involved taking many medications that left me extremely bloated, and ever since I’ve been feeling just…heavy. A little poofy. I like feeling like I can just spring up and run about and do whatever, and that’s not a feeling I’ve had recently.

When Metamucil contacted me asking me if I’d be interested in taking their Two-Week Challenge (and documenting the results here), my first thought was “Oh my god am I going to have to write about poop?” And then my second thought, after I remembered that I don’t care, was “Hooray! I get to write about poop!”


Anyway, what Metamucil is, for those of you who don’t know: A fiber supplement that provides you with 100% natural psyllium super fiber, which traps and removes the waste that’s weighing you down so you can start to feel lighter.* Whether my diet contains enough fiber isn’t something I’ve ever really thought much about, so I’m going to assume that it doesn’t, and I figured that adding Metamucil to my daily routine certainly couldn’t hurt. And beyond that, it also helps lower cholesterol to promote heart health† and maintain healthy blood sugar levels as part of your diet* – and since I am coming up on 40, and thus officially ancient, these are all things I should be thinking about. Blech.

Metamucil is not so tasty that you’d sip it with a little umbrella while relaxing on a sandy beach, as you see me doing up there. It is, however, not bad. Pretty good, even! (And can be added into fruity smoothies, if you insist on your fiber being extra delicious.) Regardless, it is most definitely worth the results – because I started feeling the benefits that daily use of psyllium super fiber can have on Day 3). By only Day 7 (the halfway mark), I had started to feeler lighter, as Metamucil promotes regularity.* I was also feeling less bloated every single day. (Especially nice given that I started this challenge during a vacation where I was wearing a bathing suit 24/7.)

If you’d like to try out the Metamucil Challenge yourself, click here to learn more (and for tips, tricks, recipes, and daily inspiration) – and please oh please comment here letting me know how it’s all coming out for you. (I’m so sorry. I couldn’t help it.)

†Diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol that include 7 grams of soluble fiber per day from psyllium husk, as in Metamucil, may reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering cholesterol. One serving of Metamucil Powder has at least 2.4 grams of this soluble fiber. Consult a doctor if you are considering use of this product as part of a cholesterol-lowering program. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

This post was created in collaboration with Metamucil. Thank you for supporting the brands that help keep Ramshackle Glam ticking.

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