So Much Adulting

Perfect attire for the simultaneous consumption of caffeine and alcohol…while paying bills.

(The sweatshirt is here.)

At kindergarten dropoff this morning, I asked my friend what she was doing for Valentine’s Day. “Eh, we thought about getting a sitter but you know, ugh.” I didn’t understand what she was talking about for a second, and then realized that she’d thought I was asking whether she and her husband were going on a date.

It had not even occurred to me. I was inquiring about whether she had planned to do some heart-inclusive crafty thing or, I don’t know, bake cookies. Whatever people with kids do on Valentine’s Day.

Obviously she’s not going on a date with her husband. Neither am I. Once your children become aware that Valentine’s Day means “candy for breakfast,” the hours traditionally designated for romance involve less champagne and chocolate, and more tempera paint and potatoes. I am, of course, fine with this. The idea of Valentine’s Day, like the idea of New Year’s Eve (and the idea of Halloween, and the idea of hosting any kind of party whatsoever) makes me exhausted, because apparently when I start feeling required to turn up the old personality for some reason or another, my go-to reaction is to fall asleep. (This is actually true.) I am thrilled to not feel any obligation to eat a prix fixe meal that includes edible glitter. (Besides, I already had my Outback steak for the week.) And besides, Blue Apron came. Nothing is more romantic than the chance to cook without having to race two children through Safeway (which REALLY needs to not have the Valentine’s Day candy display right next to checkout, just saying).

So this evening, I will be doing more or less what you see here: simultaneously paying bills, assisting with arts and crafts, trying to fix Spiderman costume zippers, and alternating sips of coffee and wine. Per usual.

(…Is it okay if I admit that actually sounds like a pretty great night?)

Adulting: The process of coming to realize that anytime you’re sufficiently caffeinated and someone is wearing a costume, life’s pretty solid.

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