10 Sweatshirts I Want To Wear

Well, okay, the title of this post is sort of misleading. Because I have never met a sweatshirt I did not want to wear (except, perhaps, this one, because as cute as it is I have a feeling that it’s made for a different kind of human being than the one I am). And this list doesn’t include the sweatshirt that I was wearing in yesterday’s post (and that I am, in fact, wearing right this very second).

Not all of the below styles are sweatshirt-priced (although I did leave out this Julie Verhoeven one because I don’t think “sweatshirt” and “1,800” belong in the same sentence), but as I’ve gotten older and grown into a (much) more relaxed, even sporty (?!) look, the kinds of things I’m willing to spend money on have changed. I bought a pair of Louboutins a couple of years ago, and have worn them…I dunno, maybe four times? I recently splurged on a pair of Golden Goose sneakers (on consignment, granted, but still), and have worn them every single day since they arrived.

In short: How much money I’m willing to spend on something has started to be less about what it’s “worth,” and more about what it’s worth to me. And a sweatshirt that’s not schlumpy in the slightest and that I can wear dressed down with jeans and flats or dressed up with leather leggings and heels is exactly the type of thing I want in my closet.




Re/Done Oversized Champion Sweatshirt

Come on, how cool is this? It’s a vintage Champion sweatshirt that’s the company made into a completely one-of-a-kind piece (everything from the line is one-of-a-kind, FYI).


Fila Heritage "Coco" Crop Sweatshirt

This is my hands-down favorite of the pieces pictured here; I love the early-80s vibe, the cropped fit, and the graphic logo.


Ports 1961 Wide-Fit Sweatshirt

Almost more of a jacket than a sweatshirt, this clean-lined sweatshirt (which, beware, is still over $300 even though it’s on sale for 50% off) is a piece of art.


Madeworn 1978 Rolling Stones Sweatshirt

Patches! Vintage patches! Rolling Stone patches!


Forever 21 Distressed Hi-Lo Sweatshirt

I like that this sweatshirt is made from much more substantial fabric than distressed sweatshirts usually are (I have an open-weave knit one, and it’s…well, it’s gone past “distressed” and is about two wearings away from the trash). And I really like that it’s $22. Thank wallets for Forever 21.


Ily Couture "Pizza" Sweatshirt

This is a sweatshirt that says “Pizza” on it. Why you would wear anything else on the weekend, I don’t know.


TopShop Satin Ruffle Sweatshirt

Caveat: this is only on the list because I think it would look incredible on the right person. That person is not me, but I wanted to throw it out there in case it’s you.


Throwback Adidas Trefoil-Logo Sweatshir

All the vintage look, none of the vintage price (it’s just $60 at Urban Outfitters).


Doublehood Striped Sweatshirt

Definitely a daytime pick, but uggggggh it looks so cozy (and FYI comes in sizes XS through XXXL, and has a great find-your-perfect-fit guide).


Missguided Gunnel-Neck Sweatshirt

This sweatshirt is the exact kind of sports-luxe look that the present crop of supermodels does so well…except it’s $34. (Oh, and I’ve recently fallen in love with oversized funnel-necks that go up to your jawline, partially because they instantly make a top look chic and…ok, mostly because they let me hide behind them. Regardless; they’re great.)

  • kristin

    This is right up my alley! James Perse is usually my go to for sweatshirt greatness.

    • jordanreid

      i like james perse a lot! i’ve never tried a sweatshirt tho – just the t-shirts (which i usually buy at tjmaxx because they’re always there and obviously wayyyy cheaper).

  • If I’m not wearing a sweatshirt, I’m not living my best life (if it’s gray and crew neck, even better)! I love the distressed one from Forever 21….I think I may have to DIY soon!

  • I can’t believe that last one is from Misguided! It looks so high end. Zara has some terrific sweatshirts at the moment too – I was scrolling through the website the other day and got all sorts of sweatshirt-lust (if that’s a thing)!

    • jordanreid

      right?!?! i totally love it, but won’t be able to wear that color until i solve the whole pastiness issue happening over here 🙂