The Furry Family

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I write a lot about how annoying my dogs are. There’s even an entire chapter in my second book dedicated to this subject.

They are. They’re totally annoying. After experiencing the mailman coming to the door approximately 20,000 times over the course of his life, Virgil still does not believe that he is not trying to kill him. And Lucy licks my toes. Not in an aw-that-tickles way; in an obsessive way.

And yet? I love them SO MUCH. When I return to our front door after the epic journey to the curb to take out the trash, they are as excited as they would be if I had just come home from a round-the-world vacation. Lucy sleeps with her snuffly little face planted on my cheek, and Virgil keeps my feet warm all night long. And our kids: they adore them. I think they think they are dogs, and that the four of them are a happy, (very) little pack.

Every kid needs his or her pet. You know?


Me with my kitten Timmy, 1984

A lot of people dream about bringing home a pet as the most amazing, memorable holiday gift ever, but are worried about various things associated with a furry new family member. And you know what the primary worry is, according to statistics? The mess.

I hear you; mess makes me nuts (NUTS). But it should never get in the way of welcoming home a brand-new family member – not to mention saving a life.

Floor and carpet with Swiffer products

See this? This is a picture of two of my favorite earthly possessions – my Lulu & Georgia rug and my fancy new grey floors – and the products that have kept them 100%, totally, completely and wonderfully fluff-free. There is nary a speck, and that is thanks to my trusty Swiffer.

In short: let those worries about mess go, and bring home a rescue pet this holiday season. It’ll be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make, I promise.

Swiffer and BarkBox's Welcome Home Kit for rescue animals

If you visit a shelter in the net few weeks, keep an eye out for the Welcome Home kits pictured above: Swiffer joined with Bark & Co. to provide 10,000 of these boxes to participating shelters across the country, so that more families can put aside the worries about keeping their homes clean and more children can experience the joy of their very first pet.

Included in the kit:

  • Coupon for a free Swiffer Sweeper Starter Kit and a free Febreze product
  • Swiffer Sweeper Dry Refill Kit
  • Swiffer Duster
  • Bark Toy
  • Bark Treat
  • Fresh Chicken Recipe Food Sample and Food Coupon
  • And a Welcome Home Guide featuring information from a child development expert on the benefits of pet adoption and information on how to make the adoption transition easier for pets.

Jordan Reid with her two pet dogs

Swiffer will also make a $50,000 total donation to distribute to select shelters nationwide to celebrate the holidays.

To get tips for welcoming home your new pet, visit New pet owners are invited to share their own “welcome home” experiences with @Swiffer and @BarkBox using #ShedHappens.

This post was created in collaboration with Swiffer. Photos by Sue Hudelson.

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