Tip Of The Day: Say Bye To Flies

See, here in the city houseflies aren’t exactly a major problem. They exist, sure (I used to have a pet frog named Sammy, like every other creepy-ish pet I had from the ages of four to nine – really: I had a snake, a snail, a crawfish, a mealworm, and a turtle, all named Sammy – and my method for feeding Sammy The Frog was a not-so-efficient process of melting a Firecracker popsicle over the garbage can in our neighborhood playground and then trying to use paper cups and a very small and questionably dextrous hand to catch the flies that arrived for dinner), but NYC pest problems are a little more burly.

Sewer rats, cockroaches and those absolutely horrifying things that fly around my kitchen once in awhile and dive-bomb my head, you see, are not the kinds of creatures that get too up in arms about anything short of the business end of a broom and two large textbooks (my preferred method for handling the aforementioned horrifying things).

But if houseflies are your problem, lucky you! Because the all-natural solution for keeping them out of your home happens to be easy, pretty, lovely-smelling…and delicious on a tomato-and-mozzarella salad.

Ta da! Place a few basil plants in your window (try this pretty method for displaying them), and the scent of the basil oil should send them off in search of less-green pastures.

And if herb gardens aren’t your thing (I’m right there with you), try these:

(Love them.)

  • LovelyOlivia

    I’m about to plant some mint around the foundation of our house to keep out mice (hopefully!!).