How-To: Black-Tie Color Pop

Q. Jordan! 

We are going to the American Heart Association’s “Have A Heart” gala next month, and I’m wearing this VS dress. What color shoes, accessories, etc, would you recommend? 



A. Your dress is great! (FYI for the rest of you: it’s not the one pictured above, but is very similar; you can check out the VS version here.) When it comes to black-tie…you know, you can always do the standards: pearls, chandelier earrings, black heels, et cetera et cetera…but why not take this opportunity (how many black-tie galas does one get to go to, really?) to have a little more fun?

What I’d do: add a little glamorous ’30s style with pops of coral, jade green, and gold. I put together the above “dream board” (“dream board” rather than “reality board” because that’s a Reiss clutch and Gucci shoes; click here for product info) for you to show you the kind of look that I’m talking about, but below are some more affordable clutch and shoe alternatives.

Clockwise from top left: Coral Brandies clutch ($82), Isola shoes ($169), Ivanka Trump shoes ($145), Coral Satin Box Clutch ($32)

  • Hi Jordan!  Any idea where those gold & black pumps are from in the original Polyvore screen shot?

  • raiiin

    swooning over those gucci shoes.  ty for the ideas : D

    • jordanreid

      right? if only they weren’t approximately as much as a month’s rent.