I Actually Saran-Wrapped My Feet Last Night

Forgive the total weirdness of this photo. I thought about using a stock photo of Saran Wrap instead…but I wanted to convey how odd I felt wrapping my feet up in plastic for the evening before covering the whole deal with cotton socks.

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If you’ve ever had a “Spa” (= more expensive) pedicure, you know that slathering the soles of the feet in heavy-duty moisturizer or warm wax and then covering them in plastic for a few minutes is part of the process…but apparently I’m going to be doing this fairly icky-feeling thing on my own every night for awhile, on the advice of the pedicurist I saw last week. I won’t go into it in too much detail, but the soles of my feet are probably up there with the worst you’ve seen (not to be gross – well…it is gross, sorry – but we’re talking cracks in the skin so deep it hurts to walk). It’s been a problem for me for years, mostly during the summer months, when I live in flip-flops and sandals. I’ve tried a million different intensive moisturizers, but none seem to work…so I finally decided to try this.

I’ve done it for three nights in a row now…and you know what? It’s making an enormous difference. This morning was the first in awhile that I didn’t mince down the steps with the doggies – I bounced! If you have similarly problematic feet, I advise giving it a shot (once every week or two should be sufficient in the long-term).

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