I Actually Saran-Wrapped My Feet Last Night

Forgive the total weirdness of this photo. I thought about using a stock photo of Saran Wrap instead…but I wanted to convey how odd I felt wrapping my feet up in plastic for the evening before covering the whole deal with cotton socks.

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If you’ve ever had a “Spa” (= more expensive) pedicure, you know that slathering the soles of the feet in heavy-duty moisturizer or warm wax and then covering them in plastic for a few minutes is part of the process…but apparently I’m going to be doing this fairly icky-feeling thing on my own every night for awhile, on the advice of the pedicurist I saw last week. I won’t go into it in too much detail, but the soles of my feet are probably up there with the worst you’ve seen (not to be gross – well…it is gross, sorry – but we’re talking cracks in the skin so deep it hurts to walk). It’s been a problem for me for years, mostly during the summer months, when I live in flip-flops and sandals. I’ve tried a million different intensive moisturizers, but none seem to work…so I finally decided to try this.

I’ve done it for three nights in a row now…and you know what? It’s making an enormous difference. This morning was the first in awhile that I didn’t mince down the steps with the doggies – I bounced! If you have similarly problematic feet, I advise giving it a shot (once every week or two should be sufficient in the long-term).

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  • I do this with Vaseline. It sounds gross but really does help. Once you fall asleep you have no idea it's on!

    • I also do it with Vaseline! Sometimes I do it on my hands too (and put on plastic and then those cheap stretchy $5 gloves).

  • I do this on occasion with Aquaphor. My problem is I forget to do it early in the evening and I cannot sleep with anything on my feet – ever. Thanks for the reminder … I may just do this now, as my feet could surely use a bit of TLC.

  • megly7

    I have the same problem! Mine is concentrated more on the heels, but I also have deep cracks that make it painful to walk. I recently discovered Heel Tastic, one of those “as seen on tv” products. I tend to assume those things are crap, but I did a little research and decided to try it, and OH MY GOD. This stuff rocks. I've been using it for a little over a week and I've seen a huge improvement. I've used it in conjunction with my Ped Egg, and the first few nights I put it on and wore socks overnight, but now I can just put it on my feet without. The only thing I don't love is the smell. It is a strong ginger smell, but I suppose it could be worse. You can buy it online, but I just went to Bed, Bath, & Beyond for mine. Here's a link if you are interested. https://www.buyheeltastic.tv/flare/next?tag=os|af

    • jordanreid

      Ooh! Totally want to try that.

  • jordanreid

    One more thing: I HIGHLY recommend doing this right as you're getting into bed, because otherwise your apartment turns into a Slip 'n' Slide.

  • suez35

    omg, have the same nasty prob! it's gotten so bad at times that the cracks start BLEEDING, gross (neosporin + band-aid fixes it…but still, ouch!)

    i do the same, but with vaseline and old stretched out socks i don't mind throwing away. i tend to do this before bed, then i wake up with normal human looking feet instead of nasty gross stumps 🙂

    great blog, jordan! happy/cheerful/light, which is actually just what one needs sometimes, no?

    • jordanreid

      …my feet sometimes bleed too 🙁 it's SO gross, and so painful.
      thank you for the kind words!

  • Kristin

    Could you do a review of heeltastic if you do buy it? I did some brief research on the web about it and it's gotten fairly mixed reviews. I'm not entirely trusting towards online reviews, since sometimes they seem fictitious. Thanks!
    PS. I thought your buffet set-up blog was very helpful. As a college student graduating in June, I love seeing articles like this and often bookmark them for when I actually have a place of my own!

    • jordanreid

      Sure thing! I'll pick some up next time I pass a Bed Bath & Beyond.

  • Diane

    I live in the desert, so I get where you're coming from–my feet are disgusting both summer and winter. My mom is diabetic and she gave me a tube of Flexitol and told me that you can only get it from the doctor. I put it on that night and was amazed at the difference it made–with no socks. You can get it at the drugstore–it's like $6 for a 2 ounce tube, but I'm not sure it's the same strength as the stuff my mom gave me.

  • Kathy

    I cautiously also advise that a very good way to eliminate those crusted heels is with stridex pads (generic works just as well).  After shower or foot soak, place a pad on your heels and wrap with plasic wrap.  Leave for 30 minutes. You may do this 2-3 nights.  The results are astonishing and have lasted almost a year.  Be careful not to overuse, as the soft unaffected skin can peel away also.

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  • Mathias Bjorkman

    My pastor at church said to do this, rub vaseline on the feet and wrap the feet with saran wrap and put socks on. I will do this because my feet cracks bad and around my toes too because they are so dry.

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