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The “Baby Feet” Experiment

We need to have a conversation about something. Apparently there is this trend that is “taking the Internet by storm” – that’s a direct quote from a reader who emailed me about it – and it is called…

“Baby feet.” (Yes, ew. Not that baby feet are gross – they are obviously the opposite of gross – but just…adult trends evoking baby anything are a tiny bit “ew,” no? No? I don’t know.)

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A week or so ago a friend of mine to who I had bemoaned the sad, sad state of my feet left a package of some kind of Japanese foot treatment on my doorstep. The foot treatment, as it turned out, was intended to essentially dissolve the outer layers of skin cells on your feet, thereby transforming them into precious little baby shih-tzus. Or something.

My feet are BAD. I don’t even want to tell you how bad they are, because it veers into inappropriately disgusting territory, so be warned…but what we’re talking about are cracks so deep and painful that they actually make me limp. Frequently.

…Oh, what’s that you said? I should moisturize every night? I do. I wrap my feet in layers of petroleum jelly and Queen Helene and Saran Wrap…but if I miss even a day, my feet return to their (honestly terrible) original state.

It’s sort of an emergency situation. So I thought, what the hell: let’s burn my feet with acid.

The video below pretty much lays out what happened next.

 Try It Out Yourself 

  • allison

    oh man. now i kind of want to try it.

    • jordanreid

      right?! full disclosure though – the peeling thing started last night on one one part of one foot, and i got all excited and made this video…but not much more has happened since then. but i’m assuming it’s the kind of thing that takes a few days to complete, so i’ll report back 🙂

      • MR

        I’m not sure if this would help, but I read a few reviews in Amazon that recommended to soak your feet to expedite the process.

        • jordanreid

          ohhhh. ok, i’ll try that tonight.

        • cunites

          I’ve tried this and the foot soaking really does make a difference. A lot of people say you have to soak daily, but who has time for that?! I just plugged the bath drain when I showered so that I was standing in water.

          • jordanreid

            smarrrrt. trying it again tonight when i get home.

  • Jerusha

    I’ve wanted to try this, but I’m kind of scared! Does it hurt??

    • jordanreid

      it burned a little when i put it on, but i think that’s because my feet are so dry that they have actual cracks (sorry, gross, i know). other than that, no.

  • Lili

    Ahhhh! I’m so happy you’ve tried this! I’ve had a box of Baby Feet sitting in my bathroom for almost a year now and I’ve been the biggest baby (pun semi-intended) about using it. It’s one of those things where I tell myself, I’ll do it this weekend… And then I never do, because pouring skin-dissolving acid into little booties just seems… terrifying? So, do tell… is the peeling process so amazingly gross that you’d never want to show your feet in public? Is it preferable to pick a week where you’re going to be wearing boots or sneakers to spare yourself from awkward stares? I want to hear the final results! 🙂

    • jordanreid

      ok, so here’s the thing: when i shot this video my feet had just started to peel and i got all excited…but then when i woke up in the morning they hadn’t peeled any more! just my heels so far. but it’s only been five days at this point…sooooooo i don’t know what’s going on. i’m going to give it another week, and if it doesn’t work i’m going to assume i didn’t leave it on for long enough and try again (because for real, the results i started to see were kind of addictive). i will report back, promise! (and what the hell, i’ll show pictures – enough people have DMed or emailed me saying “ummmmmm I know I shouldn’t want to see this BUT I DO” lololol.)

      • Lili

        YES! It sounds wrong but I absolutely want to see pics! Way less creepy to see them on your blog than to do a scary Google search of the results 🙂

        • jordanreid

          hahahahaha ok, ok, i’ll try it again when i get home and leave it on longer and pre-soak and do all that stuff, and then take a gross video. you guys asked for it 😉 😉

  • S

    I love this stuff!! It’s a Korean treatment though (not Japanese) – Tony Moly is pretty big over there (and I think available in Sephora now).

    • jordanreid

      oh, thank you for the correction! i just ordered another one from amazon 🙂

  • hannahmwilson

    Just ordered – eeep! Anthony wants to give it a try too. lol