Some Late(ish)-Night Rationalizing

Pictured here are a couple of outtakes from the shoot I did to accompany this post about Audible. (And speaking of: THANK YOU for all the suggestions for family-friendly books that you gave me over on Instagram! I love them love them love them. More please!)

I don’t typically post photos that I’ve posted other versions of before, but I’m putting these here because…well, because we’re wrapping that project that I’ve been shooting all summer this week, and I spent all day en route to St. Louis. And on the flight I did something very odd for me, which was spend the time reading an actual, words-printed-on-paper book from start to finish rather than reading six pages and then getting stressed, opening up my laptop, and trying to work. 

And then I arrived and I ate things, and steamed shirts, and now suddenly it’s 10PM and I only just managed to get the Internet working via a personal hotspot (which makes me feel fancy and accomplished every time I use it, which I’m aware is ridiculous). It’s only 8PM California time, and I’m not exactly tired, but I’m going to try to catapult myself into sleep because I have an early call time tomorrow morning and an early call time means that I have to get up even earlier than that because I have Girl Hair that needs to be managed in 99% humidity. 

(It is not going to end up being managed.)

(This is not a very big problem in the scheme of things.)

(It is also very annoying that because my cohost is a man he automatically gets an extra hour of jetlag-y sleep.)   

Another reason I’m putting these photos here: because the kind of work I’m doing here is fun and exciting, but it’s not especially photogenic. Right now I’m sitting – or, well, laying – in a (unphotogenic) Holiday Inn, and tomorrow I will be on a (unphotogenic) construction site that I can’t really share many details of, regardless of its photogenicness. And so really, all I have to post besides Snapchats (which I suspect I will be posting aplenty of, because I can’t think of a better way to spend my downtime between shots than seeing what I look like with a watermelon face) are photographs of my feet. (Which, omg, I seriously need to just let these sneakers stay in St. Louis – in my hotel room trash can – after we wrap.)

But I’m alllllso posting these outtakes for a legitimate-ish reason. I swear!

It’s because I LOVE this outfit. And yes, it’s the outfit I wrote about here, but you can see it way better in these shots. It involves multiple things which I’ve never really been into – skirts, flat loafer-type shoes, bodysuits…and yet. And yet. 

P.S. Remember when I said I acknowledge that bringing blankets with you to hotels is weird, but that I do it anyway? I have the Camp blanket on my Holiday Inn bed right now. And am I happy about it? I am. Oh I am.

Zac Posen jumbo satchel in croc

Bodysuit Denim Skirt Hat

Sandal Loafers  Zac Posen Bag c/o

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