Some Late(ish)-Night Rationalizing

Pictured here are a couple of outtakes from the shoot I did to accompany this post about Audible. (And speaking of: THANK YOU for all the suggestions for family-friendly books that you gave me over on Instagram! I love them love them love them. More please!)

I don’t typically post photos that I’ve posted other versions of before, but I’m putting these here because…well, because we’re wrapping that project that I’ve been shooting all summer this week, and I spent all day en route to St. Louis. And on the flight I did something very odd for me, which was spend the time reading an actual, words-printed-on-paper book from start to finish rather than reading six pages and then getting stressed, opening up my laptop, and trying to work. 

And then I arrived and I ate things, and steamed shirts, and now suddenly it’s 10PM and I only just managed to get the Internet working via a personal hotspot (which makes me feel fancy and accomplished every time I use it, which I’m aware is ridiculous). It’s only 8PM California time, and I’m not exactly tired, but I’m going to try to catapult myself into sleep because I have an early call time tomorrow morning and an early call time means that I have to get up even earlier than that because I have Girl Hair that needs to be managed in 99% humidity. 

(It is not going to end up being managed.)

(This is not a very big problem in the scheme of things.)

(It is also very annoying that because my cohost is a man he automatically gets an extra hour of jetlag-y sleep.)   

Another reason I’m putting these photos here: because the kind of work I’m doing here is fun and exciting, but it’s not especially photogenic. Right now I’m sitting – or, well, laying – in a (unphotogenic) Holiday Inn, and tomorrow I will be on a (unphotogenic) construction site that I can’t really share many details of, regardless of its photogenicness. And so really, all I have to post besides Snapchats (which I suspect I will be posting aplenty of, because I can’t think of a better way to spend my downtime between shots than seeing what I look like with a watermelon face) are photographs of my feet. (Which, omg, I seriously need to just let these sneakers stay in St. Louis – in my hotel room trash can – after we wrap.)

But I’m alllllso posting these outtakes for a legitimate-ish reason. I swear!

It’s because I LOVE this outfit. And yes, it’s the outfit I wrote about here, but you can see it way better in these shots. It involves multiple things which I’ve never really been into – skirts, flat loafer-type shoes, bodysuits…and yet. And yet. 

P.S. Remember when I said I acknowledge that bringing blankets with you to hotels is weird, but that I do it anyway? I have the Camp blanket on my Holiday Inn bed right now. And am I happy about it? I am. Oh I am.

Zac Posen jumbo satchel in croc

Bodysuit Denim Skirt Hat

Sandal Loafers  Zac Posen Bag c/o

  • Heather

    I have curly hair, and I grew up in St. Louis. When I was in high school I would spend hours straightening it because it was legit impossible to wear curly without expanding 10 times its size. When I straightened it, it would look fine for maybe two hours before the humidity took hold and it was halfway between curly and straight. It was horrible. And I’m not saying that one of the main reasons I went to college in Colorado was to escape the humidity in St. Louis… but it was definitely a plus (my hair looks great in Colorado!).

    • Jordan

      Dude my hair is soooooo bad here 😂 The problem is I can’t let it just be natural and curly because I’m trying to match it to previous scenes…and it….doesn’t match. I’m a Pomeranian.

      • Heather

        St. Louis humidity really is the worst. I live in Florida now, but it’s nowhere near as bad! I feel for you!