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OK. You have to read that book pictured up there. Have to. Erin sent it to me a couple of weeks ago with a note saying that I had to read it immediately, and she was right: I started reading it on the plane to St. Louis, and then could not stop. You know how everyone (myself included) is constantly bemoaning how we live in an increasingly online – and thus disconnected – world? Magic and Loss suggests that the Internet isn’t an abandonment of cultural and social traditions, or even “progress”…it’s just, very simply, what happened next. Virginia Heffernan’s explorations of everything from “hyperlexia” (I have it; so do you) to the poetry of Twitter are must-reads. So seriously: go read this. It’s going to change how you see…well, your life.

I’ve mentioned the brand before, but I still cannot get over how obsessed I am with Mociun jewelry. The rings are obviously their star pieces (oooooo this one), but please look at these earrings. They’re like the perfect wear everywhere, every day pair…with a twist. Loooooove.

This video of a bunch of 12-year-old boys consoling a team they beat in a soccer tournament is BEAUTIFUL. (Kids Show Us How To Have Compassion in Victory, via Now This.)

Every sweater should have sleeves that bunch like this.

For YEARS I read articles in which celebrities and their makeup artists went on and on about the importance of eyebrows, and I never got it. I mean…they’re eyebrows. But then I started filling in my blonde and un-plucked eyebrows: and OH. Oh. So now my desert island beauty must-have (after my beloved powder-to-foundation compact, obvs) is this.

I have always desperately wanted to be the kind of woman who swans about town in a classic trench coat…and I am afeared that such a woman I will never be. (Maybe when I’m 70 and move to some obscure Italian village where I can wear my trench coat with 5-inch heels and a pencil skirt and play the role of the Stylish-Yet-Eccentric Lady to perfection.) If you are a woman who has the opportunity wear a classic trench and milk it for all it’s worth…here is a great one at a great price.

Rebecca Minkoff overalls

I think they call this a Stage Five Clinger. Good thing she’s cute :). (Also those overalls are in constant rotation lately; these are similar if you’re on the hunt for a good pair.)

Eeeeeee Target is having a Dyson sale (20% off all Dyson products). I am so embarrassed that I desperately covet a vacuum. BUT I DO.

Really fascinating read on how a place called The Great Dismal Swamp ended up serving as a refuge for escaped slaves, who didn’t just “hide” there – they formed entire communities that in some cases lasted ten generations. (Deep In The Swamps, Archaeologists Are Finding How Escaped Slaves Kept Their Freedom, via Smithsonian Mag.)

I could actually have written every word of this article myself. To all my friends: I am sorry. (I Suck At Being A Friend Right Now, via Heather Dixon.)

Whoa. These tips from a “travel hacker” (this is apparently a thing) are super cool. (How To Travel The World First-Class When You’re Broke, via Vice.)

If you want to try wearing round sunglasses but don’t want to look too John Lennon-y (or…well, too much like me), this pair offers a more classic twist on the style. My mom actually has these, and looks great in them – and I tried them on and instantly wanted a pair, too. They’re such a great shape that they seem to work on everyone.

painting little girl's nails

My daughter has a Wonder Woman dress, and it is all sorts of amazing. (Also, that necklace I’m wearing is available on glam | camp, and is also all sorts of amazing IMO, in addition to being 20% off with code SUMMERBUMMER20 at checkout.)

(Speaking of the Summer Bummer sale, just a reminder that it’s live through September 5 with 20% off site-wide, so if you’ve been eyeing something on glam | camp, now’s the time to pick it up.)

Have you heard of this “hidden rainbow hair” thing??? It’s gorgeous. (This Hidden-Rainbow Hair Is Gonna Give You All Kinds of Hair Goals, via Buzzfeed.) Related: if you have dark hair and are all jealous of your light-haired friends who get to have rainbows in their hair without bleaching it into extinction, hooray: Oil-Slick Hair is a thing also, and it is equally gorgeous…but much less work than Rainbow Hair.

Running into a Cute Dad at the grocery store is indeed the worst, because you will look like a mother who forgot to wash her hair for sixteen days, and he will look like a father who is adorably rumpled, and thus even more adorable (he was already adorable to start with simply because he is a dad). And then you will have to figure out something to say that isn’t so awkward that he immediately knows you think he’s cute, and then there you go: now you’re turning red. Which really compliments your coffee breath. (4 Reasons Cute Dads Are The Absolute Worst, by Claire Zulkey at Mom.Me.)

Remember when I hosted a party and served pizza and Safeway cupcakes, and ended up actually enjoying myself rather than frantically crafting artisanal hors d’oeuvres? I am so super on board with this idea. (How to Host a Crappy Dinner – And See Your Friends More Often, via Mothering.)

The Times is going to go ahead and lay this one out for you. (When I’m Mistakenly Put On An Email Chain, Should I Hit “Reply All” Asking To Be Removed?, via NYTimes.) Related: Time Inc is in the Midst of a Replyallocalypse. (Oldish article; still super funny.)

I’m trying out Emoticode at the moment – that’s the app that lets you shop people’s Snapchats (or create shoppable Snaps yourself). If you’re confused about how this works, essentially all you do is download the app, and then take a screenshot of any snap that has an icon of a ghost next to a rocket in it; the product info will be uploaded directly into the app. Any questions? Feel free to ask; I was confused about how this worked at first too.

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