All The Springy Things

April showers, et cetera et cetera

The school I attended up through the sixth grade was technically Protestant - the hint being its name, Trinity - and students were required to attend Chapel each week, but, oddly enough, the student body was predominantly Jewish. So was the student body at Dalton, where I spent the remainder of my grade school years. And so was I, sort of - my dad is Jewish. Except my mom is a lapsed Protestant. And both of them are atheists. So I guess you could say that when it came to holidays, religion didn't exactly play a big role - we essentially cherrypicked the ones that seemed to make sense to us to celebrate, and celebrated those in a way that made sense to us, too.

Easter was never really a big deal in our house; it always came upon me out of nowhere, like an afterthought to Valentine's Day (the Easter Bunny usually delivered my basket of creme eggs in the morning, shortly after my parents had ushered me back into bed; it appears that I wasn't the only one who Easter took by surprise). Once, when I was in fifth grade, a friend of mine took me to an Easter service with her family. I remember being excited to dress up in my favorite plaid skirt, and I remember the kids got to go up on stage to pet a rabbit, but that's about it.


The (Super) Spooky Party

OK, last post about this party - promise. (Maybe. It was SO FUN.) In these shots, you can see what we did with the decor, which went way further than last year's. My son had requested that the "whole house" be spooky, as opposed to concentrating our efforts in one space, and...ok, so that sounded a little intimidating, because I've never been one of those people who has a massive bin of, like, skeleton cats and spiderweb bowls in their garage. But one trip to Party City and one trip to the Dollar Store later?

Super spooky. (Or at least "semi-age-appropriately super spooky" - we wanted to mildly freak out the six-year-olds in attendance...as opposed to, you know, traumatizing them. I still remember the misty coffin that my neighbor set up in a faraway courtyard of our apartment building, and it still haunts my dreams, THIRTY YEARS LATER. That was not the goal.)

Eyeball Cake Step-by-Step


Bloodshot Eyeball Cake

The blood-smudge on the edge of the plate is my favorite part. 

My son said he wanted a "spooky cake" for his sixth birthday. Done - except I didn't want to just do a repeat of last year's ghost cake. I pulled up a picture of a plain fondant cake in my head - just a smooth, white circle - and tried to imagine what I could turn it into...and then it occurred to me:

Eyeball Cake.

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