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Baby Me, baby Lucy

Going to be a bit Grinchy over here for a minute – shocker, I know! – so hold onto your hats. I care about the Fourth of July approximately as much as I care about New Year’s Eve, which is also approximately as much as I care about Ivanka Trump’s thoughts on the ‘male-dominant’ defense industry (which is to say: very close to zero, apart from the potential for mild entertainment via trainwreck).

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Here’s a funny little change that’s happened over the last year: I’ve just about dropped all pretensions of adorable-happy-homemaker-ness. I invite my neighbor over for dinner, and break out the Chinese takeout and paper plates (when we eat at her house, we do Thai, just to mix it up). I cook only when I want to, and then only what I want to cook – meaning very, very few things that you’ll end up seeing here, because I don’t want to sprinkle freshly chopped parsley over my food to make it photograph-able, and so it doesn’t get photographed. Decorating for holidays other than Christmas? I don’t think so.

Which – if we’re being totally honest here – feels a little sad, because I miss being that person. I do love to cook, and entertain, and…I don’t know, craft festive star jars. I just don’t right now. I wonder if I ever will again.

So, in a throwback back to less complicated (and far more energetic) times, here are a few Fourth of July-related ideas for you. I will not be doing any of these things this year, because I can’t. But still: They represent an attitude towards life that I sincerely hope returns before my next trip around the sun…and even though the sadness is always there, nipping at the edges, looking at these bits and pieces of my past makes me happy. Hopeful, even.




Three Recipes You Need To Make This Fourth Of July

Two-ingredient (!!) chili-cheese dip, the most perfectest potato salad, and festive donut-berry skewers. Yes.


Fourth Of July Paper Lanterns

This is such a fun and easy little DIY to do as late as the morning-of, because legit all you need is paper and a bit of tape. It’s also a great activity for kids, so long as you keep scissors away from tiny fingers (younger ones can do the taping part).


Fourth Of July Star Jars

These jars are easy and fun to make, and you can put faux votives in them once the sun goes down to assist with the whole “atmosphere” thing (you know, if fireworks aren’t enough).


Salty Squirt (a.k.a. Squirt-A-Rita

Tequila, fresh lemon juice, and Squirt = happiness in a cup.


Fourth Of July Centerpiece Inspiration (Video)

From the Jordan In The House archives, perhaps the most random DIY ever. Still cute, though.


All-American Berries

Yeah, ok, white chocolate is gross. But look how festive!


"Homemade" Ice Cream Sandwiches

Hoooooly these are delicious.


Three (More) Fourth Of July Recipes You Have To Try

Peach & Prosciutto Crostini, White Sangria, and Retro Pea Salad.

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