Noritake’s New ColorTex Dinnerware Gives Me All The Beachy Feels

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I’ve been mixing and matching Noritake’s dinnerware for years – my first collaboration with them dates back to my Upper East Side days (#memories) – but my adoration of their new collection is so complete that I wanted to showcase this one solo. It’s just so simple and sculptural and fresh-feeling – and I’m obsessed with the fact that all the pieces are modular, with each plate being matched in size to serve as a lid for one of the bowls (coooool). 

The best thing about the ColorTex dinnerware, though, is how versatile it is: You can dress it up, dress it down, and make it feel seasonally appropriate whether it’s snowing or sunny. What I decided to do here: Create a simple beach-inspired tablescape using whatever beachy bits and bobs I had laying around – some driftwood, shells, and little vintage candleholders that I use as miniature vases – and layer the dishes in whatever ways made sense for each person sitting at the table. 

noritake new colortex dinnerware collection

Another eclectic element to this spread: Instead of making a traditional family-style meal (appetizer, entree, etc etc), I played around with Hungryroot’s food delivery service and made a variety of different recipes for a fun kind of buffet-style take on dinner. How Hungryroot works: You tell them what you’re into and how often and when you’d like deliveries, and they send you over a box full of nutrient-dense, clean-ingredient, mostly plant-based (and, somewhat inexplicably, extremely delicious) food that can either be eaten as-is, or can be cooked up in – I kid you not – like two minutes. You can integrate what they sent into your own meals, or combine them to come up with tons of different recipes.

hungryroot meal preparation ideas

What I did here:

  • Combined the flatbread, smoked salmon, and garlic parm sauce to make a healthy twist on salmon flatbread;
  • Mixed cashew cheddar into red lentil fusilli for a macaroni and cheese effect
  • Added Thai peanut sauce to plantain linguine (kids were alllll about this one)
  • And mixed together the Green Chickpea Corn Medley and the Cuban Spiced Black Beans, then drizzled a little more cashew cheddar on top.

(I told you it was eclectic. But it also made virtually everyone at the table feel all psyched and oh-I’m-getting-exactly-what-I-want…and it took me a total of 10 minutes to prepare virtually everything you see here. No exaggeration.)

You can pick up Noritake’s ColorTex Dinnerware at Macy’s…and you should probably do that now, because they’re having a CRAZY sale. 

noritake new colortex dinnerware collectionnoritake new colortex dinnerware collection noritake new colortex dinnerware collection

This post was created in collaboration with Noritake. Images by Kim Butan for Cloth & Stone. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep RG ticking! 

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