How To Take Your Child To The Movies (And More)

In this segment (which you can find after the jump, below, because it's auto-playing for some reason and I don't want to get anyone watching this at work in trouble), three of my favorite new-mom tips:

1) How To Stretch Out Your Too-Tight Shoes (this really works, really fixes the whole pregnancy-made-my-feet-expand-half-a-size issue, and will blow your mind); 

2) How To Take A Toddler To The Movies;


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Weekend Snapshots: Bunnies & Undies Edition

Going to the mall with a toddler is both terrible and extremely fun. It's terrible when you do things like accidentally stay one iota of a second longer than said toddler wants to walk or be in the stroller (that's when Dad's Shoulders - and Grumpy Dad - come into play) and when you announce "Let's go get an Elsa toy!" only to discover that the Disney store has experienced a catastrophic run on anything and everything Frozen-related, leaving only a sad, sad display consisting of a shirt (size 8) reading "Let It Go" and two Hans dolls. It is wonderful when you happen upon the merry-go-round, which is apparently a sight of incomparable wonder, or when you discover sushi and Coldstone and a movie theater within five feet of each other.

Seeing the Easter Bunny is somewhere in between those two extremes. On the plus side, our son was very excited and happy while waiting on line. On the minus side...



Ok To Wake “Alarm” Clock = Very Good Thing

OK, so the transition to the Big Boy Bed was a necessary one - our crib is going to get called into action in a few months, and regardless, he couldn't stay in a crib forever - but was not without its mini-bumps. Mostly the mini-bump involving a child who has suddenly discovered that...hold on a second...he can TOTALLY GO ADVENTURING WHENEVER HE WANTS.

Hanging out in the hallway while a blissfully unaware Mom watches Walking Dead downstairs? Oh yeah.

Down to chill on the couch with some dinosaurs at three AM?! Done.

Into mom and dad's room just to say what's up at five??!!! YES PLEASE.

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