Work-In-Progress-Style Sleep Training

Q. Hey Jordan!

Longtime reader here with a Mommy question I was hoping you might have the time to answer. Did you guys do any "sleep training?" I'm the mother of an 8-month-old and am having a heck of a time getting through the long days since little dude is starting to wake up multiple times a night again.

As a working mom, I'm trying my best to be "present" when I have time with him, but it's hard when I feel like I'm ready to nod off any second! Any tips/advice appreciated.



Joe Fresh Kids Launches In The U.S.

I've been talking about Joe Fresh's kids' stuff for years. They sell it at the superstore near my relatives' house in Canada, and every time I visit I stock up, because it is THE BEST: adorable, affordable, cool (but not too trendy), well-made...the best.

That's my son in the Joe Fresh leather jacket that I bought for him in Moncton when he was less than a year old because I couldn't help it...and that finally fits. This is very exciting news.

Despite the fact that you couldn't find the line in the States or order it online and recommending it thus made...well, not a ton of sense, I kept on recommending it on RG anyway, just because I'm such a fan and I love it.


How-To: Hit Up A Movie With A Toddler

Alright, not going to lie: taking a child under the age of two to a full-on movie in a for-real movie theater is some serious business.

All the blog posts I've read on the topic say to wait until 2 1/2 or 3 at the earliest...but you know what? I think provided you follow some basic Laws Of Common Sense And Respect For Your Fellow MovieGoer (below) this is a to-each-his-own situation, and a) we really love going to the movies, and it's a special thing for our family, and b) our son actually seems to have an unusually high attention span for anything involving motor vehicles (he can happily sit through the entirety of Cars when we watch it...over and over and home).

So despite the fact that yeah, he's a little the movies we go.

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