Presenting: The Big Boy Bed

There is a time to say goodbye to everything, and last weekend it was time to say goodbye to the crib. I held off for a little longer than we probably should have mostly because something about this made me so emotional: I remember, weeks before our son arrived, Kendrick and I standing over the empty crib and staring down at the mattress and just not being able to believe that very soon there’d be a person (albeit a very tiny one) right there in the middle of it all.

And now he’s growing up and taking steps towards independence, and it’s exciting and I love it, and it also makes me…not sad, just…

you know.

Anyway, the bed is really cute. It may be a “Big Boy Bed”, but it’s for a very short Big Boy. One who still wears footie PJs with stars on the butt.

big boy bed

This is Ikea’s Sniglar toddler bed (which, just so you are aware, does not come with the bed slats required for actual sleeping-upon; nope, those are in a totally separate box located in a totally separate aisle and labeled as a completely different product having nothing to do with beds or slats at all) and car-and-motorcycle-themed bedding (because our son maintains his obsession with all things motor vehicle).

Want to see Kendrick be very annoyed at me and our son completely misunderstand what we meant by “come into your bedroom and see your present”? Here you go. P.S. I don’t usually pair smoky eyes and pajamas; this was sort of mid-getting-ready.

nursery after

Another addition to the room: super-heavy, dark curtains that I was hoping would help our son sleep past sunrise now that the days are just starting to get a little shorter. Unfortunately, the excitement of being able to flee his bed seems to have balanced out the darkness benefit, because he used to sleep until 7…but now this is how 6:30AM in our house sounds:


<Tiny steps moving two-year-old-silently (a.k.a. not very silently) down the hall so as not to wake up Mean Mom who will definitely say “Go back to bed”>

<Tiny steps going down the stairs and into the living room>

<Tiny playing-with-toys sounds from living room>

<Tiny steps moving back up the stairs>

<Creeeeeeeeeak (my bedroom door, this time)>

“Hi! Time for orange juice!”

One not-so-great discovery that was unearthed by this move: the wallpaper in this room has been kinda peeling up in some spots ever since we moved in (I’ve been trying to work up the energy to take it off for a good year now, but since I generally like the way the non-peeling areas look it’s been hard to motivate), but when we moved the crib we discovered that our son has apparently been spending many nocturnal hours picking away at a spot that used to be covered by crib slats…but is now just a big hole in the center of the wall.

new bed

Please note strategic placement of stuffed animals leaning against wall. That would be the location of the hole. So it’s time to de-wallpaper and paint. But other than that and the fact that the bed is so low that I think we need some kind of wall decoration to break up the space above it, I really like it. Affordable, bright, practical: all good.

My little boy is getting not-so-little. Fortunately, he’s still extremely short.

Question For You: I was thinking of a super-pale grey on the walls, but would welcome any suggestions that you think would go with that carpet and those drapes. Thoughts?

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