Ok To Wake “Alarm” Clock = Very Good Thing

OK, so the transition to the Big Boy Bed was a necessary one – our crib is going to get called into action in a few months, and regardless, he couldn’t stay in a crib forever – but was not without its mini-bumps. Mostly the mini-bump involving a child who has suddenly discovered that…hold on a second…he can TOTALLY GO ADVENTURING WHENEVER HE WANTS.

Hanging out in the hallway while a blissfully unaware Mom watches Walking Dead downstairs? Oh yeah.

Down to chill on the couch with some dinosaurs at three AM?! Done.

Into mom and dad’s room just to say what’s up at five??!!! YES PLEASE.

Now, granted: our son spoiled us by being the kind of kid who generally stays put under the covers until the unthinkably (for a preschooler) late hour of 7:30, but fine, call me spoiled. I like opening my eyes when the sun is in the sky. So after a few mornings of getting woken up way, way earlier than I would like to be woken, I made a panicky Amazon purchase, and…

Say hello to my New Best Friend.

This is the OK To Wake clock, which sits there looking cute all night long, and then glows green when it’s “time” for your child to wake up (it has a nap setting as well). Honestly, I was pretty skeptical (you should have seen me putting our son to bed the first night: “Now, you’re going to STAY IN BED until the clock turns green. When the clock turns green, you can get up. If the clock is not green, do not get up. Where’s the clock? What color does it have to be for you to get out of bed? Stay in bed until that happens”)…but after a rough first morning where we had to keep returning our wayward child to his room to point out that nope, not green yet…

I think it works. Or maybe Daylight Savings Time worked its magic. But either way, we’re back to a 7:15 wakeup call, and I am THRILLED.


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