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Don’t put your guinea pig’s cage in your bedroom, and other sage pieces of advice. (The 5 Worst Bedroom Interior-Design Mistakes, via WSJ.)

I’ve been wearing the same striped boatneck long-sleeved J.Crew top for more than five years. It’s my GOAT for everyday wear that looks pulled-together and chic, but it’s time for a new one. Ohkayyyy.

Actual, literal couple goals. (How One Couple Successfully Combined Their Wardrobes, via Vogue.)

My dear friend and genius (I mean that) musician Colin Smith just dropped his new single, and you can and should listen to it here. Video is here.

We could all use some good news.

I would like them all, and yet would very likely kill them all. (Move Over, Fiddle Leaf Fig. These Will Be the Most Popular Houseplants Of 2021, via Real Simple.)

The most perfect black silk slip dress to wear with actually everything.

Short story: It’s all about comfort. (Interior Design Trends To Know in 2021 – And What’s On the Way Out, via Vogue.)

I know I am old, because this is the upcoming event I am most excited about.

Please enjoy all my favorite 2020 memes.

my box shop organic toxin free tampons and menstrual products

Tampon boxes that you *want* to display on your shelf?! Oh yes please. And! MyBoxShop¬†products are also 100% organic, toxin-free, BPA-free, and generally free of anything that you wouldn’t want to put, you know, inside your body.

I have been DYING to buy this longline wool coat in grey, except I live in Malibu and will never wear it. Which is sad. …Buy this coat so I can live vicariously through you, please?

I did just buy this. I think I will likely return it because…I mean…why would I need to own such a thing? I suppose we shall see.

If you’ve never gotten into documentaries, here’s your starter kit. (The 25 Best Documentaries On Netflix, via Newsweek.)

Spoiler: We should all live more like cats. (Everything Is Awful. Here’s a Q&A With A Philosopher About Why Cats Rule, via Vox.)

Apparently this is Anthony Bourdain’s all-time most popular recipe, which is all I need to know.

Doesn’t even break a sweat. (Baby Walks Into Meteorologist Mom’s Live TV Shot, via People.) And boys can do it, too! I am so here for all of the baby-bombing content over the past year.

Soft, stretchy, high-waisted black pants that hit at the perfect just-above-the-ankle spot for just $70, yes.

momotaro vaginal wellness tonic oil

Momotaro Apotheca’s Tonic Oil is technically for vaginal wellness and I am very here for that, but I also just use it everrrrrywhere (especially a few drops in the bath along with a little coconut oil). (I also use their vulva¬†salve nightly – external use only, please!)

Trader J’s 4-EVA. (47 Cheap and Easy Three-Ingredient Trader Joe’s Meals, via BuzzFeed.)

Such a good basic bodysuit from a sustainable, women-run company that prioritizes fair wages.

I have so many thoughts about Britney I don’t even know where to start, but I am counting the seconds until Friday’s premiere of her documentary. (What Britney Spears’ Friends Reveal About Her Conservatorship, via Vanity Fair.)

In Pandemic Times, we are all Mirandas – and I am A-OK with that. (Here’s What the Ladies of Sex & The City Should Wear in 2021, via Vogue.)

I guess this is the chapter in which the robots actually…save us? (New Algorithms Could Reduce Racial Disparities in Health Care, via Wired.)

Hollywood owes Katherine Heigl a BIG mea culpa. (Katherine Heigl is Done Apologizing, via The Washington Post.)

“When Black Americans in particular make strides towards equality, the determined hand of white supremacy pushes back.” (White Rage Won’t Just Go Away, via Vox.)

STANDING OVATION. (The Myth That Gets Men Out of Doing Chores, via The Atlantic.)