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Chrissy Teigen posted about our book, NBD. Update: Utterly heartbroken to hear of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s loss. I’m sure the news is triggering for so many; please go here for resources if you are suffering.

This is my new favorite shade from Static Nails – it makes your fingers look miles long. (And I agree, it makes literally no sense to wear faux nails right now, but it helps me tame my terrible, horrible cuticle-picking habit.)

Plaid fleece jacket by Carve Designs, yes.

I mean, I wear those blue paper ones that come in boxes of 100, so I am clearly not the demographic here, but you do you. (In-Your-Face Luxury: High-End Designer Face Masks for the 1%, via LA Times.)

Do you have maskne? Yeah, me too. This stuff is gold.

Currently listening to a podcast called “The Dream” – Season 1 is about MLMs and was recommended to me by Erin, and it’s phenomenal and is the reason why my dog is enjoying several extended walks a day (so that I can listen to episode after episode).

These are such fun ideas for how to make IKEA kitchens look custom. Pinning in case I ever own my own home again. Related: I hate you, economy. (IKEA As You’ve Never Seen It, via House Beautiful.)

diy sustainable candle

Absolutely ADORE the DIY candle kits from Siblings – each order comes with scented wax, a wick, and a wick holder, and you simply melt the wax and pour it into the vessel of your choice (above, I used an old Kate Spade candle jar that I thought was so pretty I kept it to hold pens and such after I finished with the candle itself). (P.S. Candle-making was “art class” during homeschool the other day. Funnnn.)

I own this Everlane washable silk blouse in black, and am thinking I may need to buy it in more colors because it’s just that great.

Here’s a great kids’ mask pack ($100 for 10) from a woman- and minority-owned business.

So confession: I’ve been listening to a lot of Jim Gaffigan these days. I’m just so over the pervasive anxiety and negativity and etc etc etc, and a little family-friendly humor is exactly what I need. I also loved that whole Twitter episode where 2020 broke Jim. Anyway, this Buzzfeed list is a similar kind of soul medicine. (17 Hilarious Tweets That Are, Plot Twist, Also Very Wholesome, via Buzzfeed.)

Coveting this gorgeous and floofy sleep mask. Swoon.

A new Girl Scout cookie is coming! A new Girl Scout cookie is coming! (2021’s New Girl Scout Cookie Is Breakfast-Inspired, via Food Network.)

This woman’s rental apartment is, indeed, extremely cool, but can we please focus on the fact that her name is Celerie? (Celerie Kemble Turned Her ‘Really, Really Ugly’ Rental Into a Beautiful Family Home, via House Beautiful.)

diy haircut during cove

I got tired of how disgusting my split ends were and cut my own hair…while drinking wine…and watching Friends…in about three minutes. This should obviously have resulted in a long blog post about what a very seriously bad idea this was, but…I don’t hate it!

NOW I KNOW WHAT THIS THING I HAVE IS CALLED. Auuggggh. (Have You Got ‘Covid Face’? How We Aged Five Years in Six Months, via The Sunday Times.)

Never have I ever thought, “Ooh! Salad!” …Until now. (The Homemade Dressing That Makes Me Excited to Eat Salad, via The Kitchn.)

I found this random “microblading” eyebrow pen made by a company I’ve never heard of because it was recommended in an article I read somewhere – and it’s great. Long-lasting, precise, and natural-looking.

My son has decided that this year he wants a “cat cake.” I ordered these, but clearly could use some help and/or suggestions, because ummmmmm.

I’m in need of a new coverlet for my bed, and this one is so beautiful.

lauren rust 2021 calendar

Lauren Rust’s 2021 calendar is available for preorder, and it’s as stunning as you’d expect. (P.S. If you’d like a custom continuous line drawing to give as a holiday gift, get your orders in now!)

I finally caved and got one of those office-style water dispensers and a (pink!) Hydroflask, and it was worth it because I am currently the most hydrated little biscuit you ever did see.

Speaking of biscuits: I shall be making these tonight.

Here is an oversized knit turtleneck tunic sweater (all of those are good words).

If I were to get married tomorrow, what would I wear? This. (Spoiler: I am not getting married tomorrow. Or ever? That’s for another post, methinks.)

Present obsession: Pampas grass. I plucked some out of a field near my house and am hanging it to dry, but you can totally buy real and faux versions online – it’s such a beautiful way to add neutral texture to your home.

mobile homes malibu paradise cove trailer park

And finally, look at this tile! It’s in the foyer of a house that I just shot, and you really have to see the whole thing.

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