I Visited Sloo Moo – The NYC “Slime Institute” – And It Was Completely Unreal

This doesn’t happen very often, but in trying to succinctly describe Sloo Moo, words fail me: I wish I could communicate the sheer wonderful insanity of this place to you directly via telepathy. Alright, let me try: Sloo Moo, a.k.a. The Slime Institute, is an experiential wonderland that defies imagination, and literally must be seen to be believed.

(Hey, that was pretty good! Also, before we get started, full disclosure: The co-founder, Karen Robinovitz, is my former manager and dear friend, but that fact is coloring what is about to be a rave review for the ages ZERO. I was so into this place that I basically sparkled my way through.)

So here’s how it works: You enter Sloo Moo, roll up your sleeves, walk down a hallway festooned with slime-related facts, and then arrive in the first of many exhibits: A massive wall of slime (top photo) that attendees are encouraged to add to. Then you just start exploring, because there’s awesome stuff around every corner: A glittering curtain leads into a crazy neon-lit cavern; rainbow-jacketed visitors hang out under a slime shower (!); a slingshot station lets you take slow-mo videos of yourself being slimed. There’s even an ASMR room offering projections of the most chilled-out slime you’ve ever seen on every wall (chilled-out slime is apparently a thing).

sloo moo slime institute review

Here is my daughter discovering ASMR

Everywhere you look are Wonka-esque pedestals filled with every imaginable variety of slime (my personal favorite: Cloud). The slimes are presented in a rainbow of colors and textures, all scented with creations from Demeter Fragrance Library – which features everything from Cotton Candy to Dirt.

The point is to play, of course, but also to sample plenty of options before…

…of course…

Making your own slime, which you can color, scent, and “top” as you wish from a wall covered with tiny sparkles, sprinkles – and French fries.

sloo moo slime institute review

Mah slime

And the shop! While I am usually filled with barely-contained rage at the fact that every kid-focused experience – from Disneyland to the Museum of Natural History – requires you to exit through a store, thereby transforming happy children into furious consumerists, the Sloo Moo shop is something else entirely. First of all, wanted half the stuff in it – from knit sweaters to sparkling barrettes to the patch-adorned jumpsuits worn by the staff. Of course, there’s plenty of slime available for purchase, too, but here’s the cool part: All of the slime in the shop is made in-house, so it’s not the same stuff you can buy in any old toy store. (Also: Slime sushi! Squeeeee.)

While Sloo Moo is obviously a total dream for kids, I have to say: My favorite part was watching parents slide their phones into their pockets and pick up big handfuls of slime themselves, or removing their shoes to “keep their kids company” (suuuure) on a walk through the slime lake. Once you step through the doors, you might as well give in…because as it turns out, slime is irresistible to us all.

Get tickets to Sloo Moo here (and don’t forget to order the “Enhanced Experience” if you want to make your own slime).

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