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I don’t think I’ve ever had more people stop me to ask about something I’m wearing than these slides. You will actually not believe the price.

If you are a parent and exist anywhere on the socioeconomic spectrum apart from “insanely rich,” you need to read this. (I Killed My Teenager’s Fancy College Dreams. You Should, Too, via Slate.)

I was in & Other Stories yesterday, and these earrings literally stopped me in my tracks.

I lived this article in real time. Every. Single. Part of it. (Did Moms Exist Before Social Media? via NY Times Parenting.)

Currently alllllllllll about this confusingly cheap hyaluronic acid serum.

Nothankyou. (This Japanese Hotel Room Costs $1 A Night…But You Have To Livestream Your Stay, via CNN.)

Pour your off-brand liquor into a fancy decanter because nobody needs to know you bought your whiskey at Costco. GENIUS. (33 Ways To Hide All The Eyesores In Your Home, via Buzzfeed.)

Cosign on the Peter Luger assessment. (The Most Scathing Restaurant Reviews Ever, via People.)

“Virulent caviar creep,” lol. (10 Horrible Restaurant Trends We Never Want To See Again, via Grub Street.)

stephen king skeleton crew

Gola sneakers (obsessed)

A few days ago a reader asked which Stephen King books I’d recommend to a newbie, which sent me down a wormhole of reading about other people’s opinions on the topic (I’m a nerd) and re-ordering several to read again myself. I personally think the best way to approach King is through his short stories, and this list is pretty spot-on. (A Definitive Ranking of Every Stephen King Short Story Collection, via Barnes & Noble.)

Are you one of the 20 zillion people who bought “The Amazon Jacket“? I want to know about it. Tell me EVERYTHING. (This is it, if you want to see.)

Short-listing all of these. (The 10 Best Books Of 2019, via NY Times.)

One of the all-time great works of journalism, this 1998 article about Mr. Rogers inspired the recent movie. (Can You Say ‘Hero?’ via Esquire.)

The most perfectest slouchy tunic.

I will never see Cats. I will, however, happily spend hours reading reviews of it. (18 Rotten Tomatoes Reviews Of ‘Cats’ That Are Comedy Gold, via Buzzfeed.)

shari marchbein dermatologist

Looking for a dermatologist in NYC? Dr. Shari Marchbein is a DREAM (and terribly stylish; go check out her Insta.)

No need to choose between cute and earth-friendly anymore. (13 Conscious Items To Make Your Wardrobe More Sustainable, via Refinery 29.)

Oh dear. …Guilty. (Here Are 24 Of The Most Overdone Tattoos Of The 2010s, via Buzzfeed.)

Remember the article I wrote about emotional labor and being a WAHM? This is (part of) what I was talking about. (As A Work-From-Home Mom, My Job Is Invisible, via Good Housekeeping.)

What do we have in store for us in 2020? Experts in fields ranging from fashion to feminism weigh in. (2020 Vision, via InStyle.)

I feel very grandma about the fact that I just purchased these and fully intend to wear them while power-walking on the beach, but there you go.

In which Penn Badgley ravishes our eardrums. (I Finally Understand ASMR, via The Cut.)

camp what to do with kids NYC

A toy store…with a secret door…that opens into an actual children’s wonderland. FOR FREE. #zomg.

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