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Why HELLO THERE. #Dying (46 Things That Made Me Say, ‘Why Don’t I Own That Already?’ via Buzzfeed.)

Mott & Bow’s hi-rise stretch jeans are actually, literally perfect (lightweight, comfortable, amaaaazing cut), and actually, literally maybe the only thing you’ll wear all autumn (and winter, and year) long. Could not recommend more highly. Go for the dark grey raw hem.

Currently test-running Mesolyft’s microneedling pen, and I am into it. It doesn’t hurt – promise; it’s a little prickly but not painful – and I feel like my skin texture improved almost immediately.

I just picked up a NYX eyebrow pencil for less than $10, and it’s as good – if not better – than way more expensive brands I’ve tried in the past.

Totally bookmarked this list for future reference. (20 Seriously Simple, Classic Recipes All Adults Should Master, via Buzzfeed.)

Currently reading Three Women, about the different ways women experience desire and the far-reaching effects that desire has on their lives, and it’s…very saucy. It’s so well-written and compelling, but I am definitely blushing with every turn of the page.

“If you say the words, ‘It’s not you, it’s me,’ I will come set your car on fire with my mind.” (How To Break Up With Someone Without Being The Worst, via GQ.)

erin Williams commute graphic memoir

It’s a complicated thing, when someone you know personally does something extraordinary, and then you want to tell people about it, but also want to tell those people No, I mean it: It is ACTUALLY EXTRAORDINARY. In other words: It’s not just because I know her that I am saying that Erin Williams’ graphic memoir about assault, addiction, and shame, Commute, is one of the best books of the year. I read the whole thing in one sitting, and then immediately flipped back to the first page and read it again.

Just a few days until Halloween, and all I want to do is make my way through this list, one by one. (31 Of The Scariest Movies From This Decade, via Buzzfeed.)

I am so ashamed that I read this in full-on Rapt Attention Mode, but there you go. (How To Create A Curated Ear, via Bustle.)

Just the loveliest (and occasionally most hilarious) slideshow. (Best Wildlife Photos Of 2019, via National Geographic.)

Aieeeeyyyyyyyy, I covet. (Take Your Costume From “Meh” To “Magnificent” With These Press-On Nails, via PopSugar.)

madewell tweed blazer

In constant rotation RN: This Madewell blazer.

I am someone who enjoys a man who enjoys his eyeliner, and fully support this development. (The Glorious Now Of Men In Makeup, via GQ.)

Yeah, yeah. We old ladies were already hip to this, loves. (The One Decade It Girls Can’t Stop Mimicking, via Who What Wear.)

Lovely hostess gift alert: Verse Vine wines come complete with a poem on the label.

Nope. (Are You Ready For Facial Jewelry? via The Cut.)

koto no place like home candle

I would like everything in my life to smell like this Skandinavisk Koto candle.

The fox in Robin Hood wins forever and always, and I will go to my grave to defend his fundamental hotness. (31 Cartoon Characters Who Are Extremely Attractive, via Buzzfeed.)

You have to see these. They’re so good – especially because they’re modeled by a magician. (4 Fall Nail Trends You’ll Need On Your Radar, via Elle.)

My next book – cowritten with Erin Williams – is called The Big Activity Book for Digital Detox. This article is totally scooping us and I object. (How To Stop Looking At Your Phone, via Vox.)

Um the answer is “BECAUSE IT IS SO DELICIOUS.” (How Did Cold Foam Take Over The Starbucks Drink Menu? via Eater.)

Squeeeeeee. (Instagram Dachshund Finds Fame For Perfectly And Adorably Balancing Objects On Head, via People.)

Could one of you please get married and wear this so I can live vicariously through you? Thx.

Literally all of this. Every single f-ing one. (21 Painfully Awkward – And Totally Hilarious – Moments People Realized They Were Old, via Buzzfeed.)

Cool, so Kylie is just living my best life for me. (Kylie Jenner Says The Champagne Vending Machine In Her Office Is “Everything,” via Food Network.)

dosist sleep review

Dosist Sleep has made my life infinitely better. The end.

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