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Camilla Confetti Frame Chain | The Drift Handmade Ring

You know how you’re always either hanging your glasses off the front of your shirt (and then bending over and having them slide out and break, blech), or just putting them down somewhere and just losing them altogether? Me, too. You need to know about Rakas frame chains (which also happen to be unexpectedly adorable).

When I wrote about my rediscovered fascination with press-on nails, a reader recommended I check out Static Nails, and YES. I have these on my fingertips right now and could not be more obsessed.

If you’re in the market for an engagement ring (or just a beautiful new ring that you are totally entitled to buy for yourself, just because), you have to check out this trending new shape (via Who What Wear).

How very. (The Most Shocking Thing About ‘Heathers’ Is How Well It Holds Up, 30 Years Later, via USA Today.)

Sloth pool float THAT HUGS YOU, you’re welcome.

I find this woman intensely unlikable, but it might just be the insane and overwhelming jealousy talking. (How to Be a Writer and Still Get Really, Really Rich, via The Cut.)

A climate change article that (maybe) won’t make you want to hide in your bed for the rest of the decade. (It’s 2050, And This Is How We Stopped Climate Change, via NPR.)

…Maybe I should have finished that Master’s In Hospitality after all. (Four Seasons Shows That Hospitality Can Be a Passport to a Global Career, via Skift.)

Omg Mr. Clean’s new Magic Eraser Sheets, omg. (GAME-CHANGING.)

Ooh, pretty. (20 Spine Tattoo Ideas That Will Make You Endure Pain For The Sake of a Trend, via Bustle.)

I have decided that “red one piece” will be my summer 2019 lewk.

I would fall and die, but maybe you are more coordinated than me. (The Controversial Sandals That Are Trending This Spring, via Who What Wear.)

PSA: At one point in their lives, about 8 out of 10 women will contract HPV – a virus that can, if left untreated, put them at risk for cervical cancer (I was diagnosed with HPV at age 27, and they did indeed find precancerous cells that I thereafter new to keep an eye on). You need to get tested. Regularly. So take a minute to schedule an appointment with your OB-GYN and inquire about getting a Pap and HPV test together. (More info here.)

My friend Katie Rush just released her new pop album, and it’s super fun. Check it out here.

These barely-there lucite hoops come in a range of colors, but are inexpensive enough that you can skip the “which ones do I pick?!” stress.

Today in questions I need answered. (What Is Seriously Going on With Britney Spears? via Buzzfeed.)

Five out of six FTW. (6 Common Tattoos That People Most Regret Getting, via Romper.)

I hate myself for wanting this. But I do. (The Dad-On-Vacation Shirt Everyone Will Be Wearing This Summer, via InStyle.) Here’s a cute and affordable one.

Loved this article on how to explain the college admissions scandal to teens with a positive takeaway. (What I Want High School Seniors To Hear Loud and Clear, via Chicago Tribune.)

Good in theory, meh in execution. (New Condom Packaging Apparently Requires 4 Hands To Be Opened, via Mashable.)

Why do I want leopard bike shorts being sold to me by Khloe Kardashian? These are the big questions.

big activity book for anxious people

Oh heyyyy, only a couple of weeks to go before this baby gets officially released! (It’s currently a #1 New Release on Amazon, and I am DYING.)

The constant battle that is figuring out how to be a mother and have a career is a topic I’ve written about many, many times over the years. This article is important and thought-provoking. (Pregnant & Fired: How To Find a New Job When You’re Expecting, via Refinery29.)

All the good feelings. (A Student Couldn’t Find A Babysitter, So His Professor Held His Infant Girl In Class, via CNN.)

Considering I spend as much time as possible oceanside, this article was a must-read. (These 7 Accessories Will Make Your Swimsuit Look Infinitely Cooler, via Who What Wear.) Related: Summery shell necklace, ta da.

Apparently studies are showing no one can tell the difference between the “Impossible Whopper” and the regular one. I will be the judge of that, thank u. (Burger King’s New Whopper Is 0% Beef. That’s A Big Deal, via Vox.)

I love this, I love this, I love this. (This Is “The Heart Of a Boy,” via HuffPost.)

Oh, your Monday’s going crap? Watch this.


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