A Ring, Just Because

Remember that ad campaign about Right Hand Diamond Rings (I think it was a Zales thing?) targeted at women who weren’t interested in waiting around for a guy to buy them a diamond, and wanted to just go ahead and get one themselves?

While I think the campaign was slightly problematic (because the whole Left Ring Finger Is Reserved For His Purposes Only thing always seemed a little antiquated to me)…I also think it’s pretty cool. Because there’s something really wonderful about buying yourself a special piece of jewelry for no other reason than that you deserve to wear something beautiful that you love, and you don’t need to wait around for anyone else to tell you so.

Headed to the Conde Nast #cnenewfront presentation

Wearing favorite tank, favorite jeans, favorite boots

Yesterday, I attended the Conde Nast NewFront presentation in support of an upcoming collaboration between Conde Nast and RG (we’ll be announcing the project in just a couple of weeks; I’m so excited), and on the way home I passed by this little shop, Torino Jewelers, next to the train station on 61st and Lex. Every time I pass by that store I do a double take because the rings in the window are just so gorgeous, but yesterday I spotted one particular ring – a rose gold crossover band – that I’ve been mooning over for months now…and I had a couple of minutes to kill, so I went in.

And negotiated with the owner until we hit a price I was comfortable with (significantly below retail).

And then walked out with it on my finger. Because hey, my birthday’s in a couple of weeks.

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 8.43.50 PM

But really: just because.

Because I’m a grown woman, and if I want to buy something that I love for no especially good reason, even something that’s the kind of thing someone else would “traditionally” buy for you, like a nice piece of jewelry…I can do that. It’s a cool thing to realize.

“Just because” is reason enough sometimes.

Also: of all the pieces of jewelry in the world to splurge on, a simple, elegant band that you’ll wear every day, with everything, feels like a good pick to me – as opposed to, say, a pair of statement earrings that you might get sick of after a few months. But doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and it doesn’t have to involve diamonds…it just has to make you feel great. So if you’d like your own right- (or left-) hand ring, here are some of my favorite picks (with diamonds and without, and starting at just $35 if you’re more interested in a  mini-splurge):

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