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Best Zara Picks, According To Me: Spring 2019 Edition

I did not buy this skirt. That was a mistake. (Fixing it.)

For the past few months, I’ve been pretty good about keeping my shopping at a minimum thanks to my Rent the Runway Unlimited subscription: Every time I’m in a store and think “Ooh! I want to buy this!” I remember that the little high that you get from a new clothing purchase is a) temporary, and b) something I can get via RTR.

Except I just cancelled my subscription, and here’s why: In the wintertime, it made sense to me because winter clothing is more expensive, more fussy, and more situation-specific (holiday parties and what have you). In the summer, I default to a uniform of Whatever Is Lightweight And Comfortable, and I simply can’t imagine wanting to rent, like, a structured blouse or designer dress. I just don’t care enough.

And also spring shopping is THE MOST FUN EVER. So sue me: I couldn’t resist.

Here’s what I found on my (accidental) Zara shopping spree with my mama the other day.


Vaguely Tropical Wrap Blouse

I’m obsessed with the shape of this blouse – it’s a wrap, yes, but doesn’t cling around the waist (or accidentally expose your boobies) the way a lot of wrap-style pieces tend to do. And the fabric feels substantial enough to hold its shape, but not too heavy for summer. And it’s covered with hibiscus flowers, so it’s apparently on-trend with the whole Dad On Vacation look that’s popping up everywhere.


Pink Satin Midi Skirt

In my IG stories, I posed the question “Will I ever wear a pink silk midi skirt?,” and 82% of you said “No.”

I guess we shall see. Because this was so flattering and well-priced ($39) that I bought this in both pink and leopard.


Oversized Striped Tunic

I also asked you guys in my stories whether I should buy this, and got a resounding “Mrgh,” but I think that’s because I wasn’t showing it worn right – this top really does require a good front-tuck, as shown in the pic above (where it’s paired with the pink midi skirt). I’ve already worn it twice (and I’ve only been back from NYC for two days).


Skinny Jeans in Sunrise Blue

I recently trashed my favorite Zara jeans via a huge rip down the side (and not in a cute or reparable place, in a “here is my underwear” place), so I was on the hunt for a replacement, and as far as I’m concerned these jeans are just about perfect. Love the color, love the waistline, love the subtle fraying at the cuffs.

Regarding sizing: I’m more of a 6 in Zara jeans, but these are so stretchy that I went for a 4, so consider going down a size if you’re on the edge.


Oversized Linen Blouse

Wearing this blouse is like wearing a (very elegant) nightgown in public. Which is to say: I dig it. (Especially love the ties at the cuffs.)

P.S. I usually wear a medium (4-6), but this one is meant to be really oversized, so I’m wearing a small here.

P.S. How adorable is my mama? (And she is okay, if you’re wondering. She developed sudden-onset alopecia, but rocks a head scarf like no one’s business.)


Animal-Print Lucite Bag

On to accessories. I did not buy this bag, because I for seriously do not need it…but oh, I thought about it. The red handle is even more gorgeous and vibrant IRL.


Rust-Colored Slingbacks

These broke. Already. And I would blame it on myself – because I am hard on my possessions, and VERY hard on my shoes – but in this case I wore them…on a plane. That feels like a fairly soft experience to end with a broken strap.

(That said, they’re so comfortable, and the color is so good. Even though the repair is going to cost as much as the shoe itself…I’m repairing them.)


Neon Snakeskin Kitten Heels

These would ordinarily feel like wayyyy too much trend-on-trend for me (snakeskin! neon! kitten heel!)…but they work, because the straps themselves are so barely-there that they’re almost…well, not “subtle.” But you get what I’m saying.

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