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Just A Few On-Set Discoveries


Little entertainment industry Insider Info for you: There are few places on this planet more fun to hang out in than a makeup and hair room when everyone’s all jacked up on caffeine (a.k.a. all the time). Because the day may start with chit chat about, say, politics, but the conversation always boils down to two things:

1) Men (see also: men, terrible)

and 2) Beauty products.

You pick up some good tips in these rooms if you keep your ears open. And I do. Which brings me to the glorious new discoveries I made on set in New Jersey this week.


imPress Press-On Nails

I arrived on set with a disaster zone sitting on my fingertips, such that I spent a significant amount of on-camera time trying to come up with creative ways to gesticulate wildly (as I do) without anyone actually…seeing my hands.

My colleague Skyler gave me major FOMO with her perfect, perfect red fingertips (pictured above)…until she told me that they were…



That apparently stay on – and stay looking that perfect – FOR A WEEK.

And then she gave me her extra ones.

And now I have perfect, perfect red tips too. (Not in time to have them show up on camera, but that’s ok: next time.)


Mac Lipglass in "Lust"

Makeup artists – like the rest of us – are constantly on the hunt for the perfect pinky-brown lip shade. And the consensus on set was that this one wins because it doesn’t have those little mica flecks in it…which are pretty IRL, but a little too much sparkle when you’re being photographed. Perfect for brides.


It's A 10 Leave-In Conditioner With Keratin

The hairstylists on set, having accurately assessed that I suffer from a condition called Alligator-Level Dryness, Defcon 1, gave me a sample of this leave-in conditioner to use in between shoot days.

My hair has never, ever felt so soft and manageable. Ever. You need to try this.


Modern Day Italian Fork Bracelet

Another Skyler discovery: This adooooorable bracelet, which comes in a bunch of different finishes (though I like the gold best, of course), and is only $33 (!).


ULP High-Lift Blonde

And this, my friends, is what I would like my hair to look like. One of the stylists, Liz, was nice enough to not only let me photograph the back of her head like a weirdo, but also to tell me the precise shade to ask my colorist to use next time I go to the salon.


Yoozon Tripod

And finally this, which has nothing to do with beauty but everything to do with life necessities. My friend Stacie told me that she uses this whenever she’s on the road and has no one to hold the camera for, say, a product shot…and “no one to hold the camera” is, as it turns out, sort of an everyday problem when you are a blogger and have recently separated from your partner.

(I kid, I kid. Sort of.)

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