8 Tattoo Trends For 2019 That I Kiiiiinda Love

Look at this sweetness! 

I juuuuust got a new tattoo. I am very much not in the market for another one at this particular point in time. But that doesn’t mean I can’t keep bopping around on the Internet in search of a little inspiration for my next design.

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From my extensive “research” (Pinterest), these are looking like the big trends for the remainder of the year. Some of them I’m super into; some I’m super into visually, but would never in a million years put on my body; all are fun to look at.


Hand Tattoos

2018 was all about finger tattoos (which, as an aside, aren’t a great idea – they tend to wear away fairly quickly), but 2019 is the year for the top of the hand. I love this look, but would personally go for something a bit on the smaller side, because…hands.


'90s "Ignorant Tattoos"

I don’t exaaaactly get what this style is all about, but it’s everywhere at the moment. From what I can tell, it’s sort of an ironic twist on kitschy old-school imagery. I dig it, I think…just not for me.


Romantic Vintage Florals

Ugh, this is so lovely. A bit too fussy for my personal taste, but beautiful.


Sibling/Family/Friend Tattoos

Ohmygoodness, I love this. If I had siblings, I’d have an appointment booked already.


Vivid Fine-Line Work

Another entry in the I-love-it-but-wouldn’t-personally-do-it: this. It’s a take on the fine-line tattoo trend, but opts for vibrant colors in lieu of black.


Body-Contour Lines


This is clearly a more dramatic take on the look, but it can be as simple as a line around a finger, or a couple of thin ones criss-crossing your wrist.


Side-Boob Tattoos

Cute. (Both the tattoo and the placement.)


Tiny Ear Tattoos

…And we have a winner!

See, you know all my piercings? They are abandoning me – very literally trying to escape from my head, and I’ve had to take a few of them out to let them heal up before I can re-pierce them. I’m thinking that maybe it’s time to explore the idea of replacing the rings with a little ink.


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