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I Cannot Say Enough Wonderful Things About This Toothbrush


The other day, I sat down to start cobbling together a post called “8 Products I’m Still Obsessed With One Year Later.” Because here’s the thing: beauty writers (and any writers with public platforms) get asked to review lots of products. Which means that if one of these writers – me, say – is not only still using one of these products a solid year later, but has actually subscribed to a delivery service for said product, and still insists showing said product to people who come over to her house because they need to know about it

You know it’s a good product.

Which is to say that one product that I knew from the get-go was absolutely guaranteed a spot on this list of mine is quip – the electric toothbrushes that I first wrote about last spring. I hadn’t been aware that the toothbrush industry was one that could be disrupted, as they say, but it also hadn’t occurred to me that I could have a toothbrush that can only be described as “stylish.” 

A stylish. Toothbrush. 

The only thing less likely than a “stylish toothbrush” is a “stylish kids’ toothbrush.” I mean, that couldn’t possibly exist, right?

…Oh wait. 


quip electric toothbrushes for kids

quip just made one.

And these toothbrushes aren’t just stylish and refreshingly free of cartoon characters: the whole thing about quip is that they give you everything you need in a toothbrush, with nothing you don’t. There’s a holder that you can affix to your mirror, to keep the toothbrush off your countertop (and that doubles as a travel case). There’s gentle, non-gum-damaging vibration, plus pulsing every 30 seconds and a 2 minute timer. And there’s also a subscription service, so you can have a new brush head and battery (and toothpaste, if you like) automatically delivered to your house every three months. The kids’ brushes have all of these features – they’re just tweaked a bit for smaller mouths. 

Oh AND. quip starts at just $25 for the brush, and the subscription is just $5 every three months to replace the brush head and battery. With free international shipping.

I cannot endorse this product enough. 

Get quip for your entire family – plus get your first $10 refill for free by clicking here.

quip electric toothbrushes for kidsquip electric toothbrushes for kids

This post was created in partnership with quip. (Note: While I discovered quip through a previous partnership, I subscribed to the service and have continued my subscription ever since alllll on my own – see: paragraphs 1-3 of this post. Just thought you’d like to know 🙂 Thank you for supporting the brands that keep RG ticking!  

Photography by Kim Butan for Cloth & Stone. 

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