Current Obsession: Laura Ashley Home Decor

So Francesca and I were texting each other the other day about adorable things we found on the Internet – as we do – and all of a sudden we found ourselves on Etsy and eBay, going down a total vintage Laura Ashley wormhole.

You know Laura Ashley, of course. Your mom probably had Laura Ashley bedding with roses all over it in 1984 (mine did, too).

But what you might not know is that the vintage Laura Ashley look – all those florals and lace and the feminine everything – all of a sudden feels super fresh. See that dress laying across my bed up there? It’s a 1970s lace Laura Ashley nightgown with big belled sleeves (found it on Etsy), and I plan to wear it alllllll over the beach this summer.

And please check out the Victorian lace Laura Ashley top that Francesca picked up:

vintage laura Ashley lace blouse

With high-waisted jeans and simple heels?! KILLER.

And it’s not just the vintage pieces – it’s the whole brand; it’s just so adorable, and such a fun new discovery. So after our Etsy play session ended, we moseyed over to the Laura Ashley website itself, and do you know what we found over there?

Pillow perfection. (And the bedding! Eeeee.)

So! I asked Laura Ashely if they’d be up for sending over a couple of their pillows so I could showcase two different ways to style them: One super-feminine, and the other all retro and dramatic. (And scroll down to the bottom to see five favorite pieces I found on their site.)

I’ve spent the past few months indulging my every teenage fantasy when it comes to my bedroom decor. Fairy lights? Check. Pineapple lamps? Obvi. So I thought it’d be fun to mix a few Laura Ashley silk floral pillows in with my black-and-white and faux-fur throws. (I also currently have the softest rose-patterned flannel sheets ever created on my bed; they just hadn’t arrived in time for this shoot.)

laura Ashley home decor pillows

And for Francesca’s living room – which is all deep blues and whites with a bit of a 1930s vibe – we layered rich velvets and silk with the most spectacular embroidered peacock pillow ever.

In My Bedroom:

Greendale Pale Fresh Green Cushion

Pom-Pom Duck Egg Knitted Blanket

Wisteria Embroidered Pillow

Heirloom Crochet Quilt Set

In Francesca’s Living Room:

Belvedere Midnight Embroidered Cushion

Catalina Royal Blue Pillow

Nigella Royal Blue Velvet Cushion

laura Ashley vintage nightgownlaura Ashley home decor pillowslaura Ashley home decor pillows

Selected product c/o Laura Ashley. 


Palm Court Cushion

It’s like a Bermuda vacation, in pillow form.


Audrey Flannel Sheet Set

These are so soft I can’t even stand it. They are also so exactly what 13-year-old me would have died for, and I love that 37-year-old me is totally  here for them.


Floral Embroidered Mesh Toddler Dress

AUGGGGGH this is so adorable.


Celia Rosehip Wallpaper

So retro. So fun. (If I still owned a house, this wallpaper would be hanging out in my guest bedroom or bathroom right now, alongside some Art Deco furnishings).


Heirloom Crochet White Quilt Set

This set – which I have on my bed – looks like a handmade treasure handed down from your eccentric Aunt Jan, but is super well-priced and layers beautifully with pretty much any other bedding style.

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