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Super Easy “Bread Slime” Tutorial (If You Have Kids, You Know This Is A Thing)

For years – until Christmas 2018, or thereabouts – I lived in utter ignorance of the existence of “slime” as a desirable addition to one’s life. But nope: ’tis A Thing. I didn’t know how big a thing, because my experiences up until a few days ago included buying my daughter a Unicorn Slime Kit for Christmas, then discovering that I am truly atrocious at making slime and deciding that I was done with that particular endeavor…but now I know.

It’s such a thing. Like with entire YouTube channels dedicated to it. And people who are actual celebrities because they make it. And national conventions that thousands of people attend, so that they can be near the people who make it and also make it themselves and, like…I don’t know.

I don’t really know what they do with it.

(Related: I feel old.)

Anyway, our friend Piper is a legit Slime-Making Expert, having been making her own for years. (Presumably not that many, because she is 11 years old, but let’s not split hairs.) And last weekend she went to the Las Vegas Slime Convention, Slime Vegas (#yes), and returned home with even more superior knowledge than before. For example, she informed me that the stuff you make on your own is an entirely different beast than the stuff that comes in kits; so if you, too, have failed to make Unicorn Slime From A Box, do not despair. Just buy some Borax! (For reals.)

Ergo, I obviously had to ask Piper to help me make slime, so that those of you with kids can make it too – because you know you’re going to have to at some point – and so that you can also avoid my mistakes (because oh man, they were bad, and also involved my carpet).

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