The Ten Best Things At Hearth & Hand With Magnolia Right Now

I continue to have never in my life watched an episode of Fixer Upper (except for during my post-surgery recuperation saga…I think…but I was in a bit of a fugue state and cannot be expected be held accountable for – or remember – any choices made during that time period). And yet I am so in love with virtually the entire Hearth & Hand collection at Target that I’m kind of embarrassed by the level of my affection.

I am afeared it makes me a bit basic.

But whatever. Call me basic. It’s so good.

So even though we’re not shopping in January (right, everyone? right), good news: It’s still December for 24 more hours!

Here, in no particular order, are my most coveted Joanna Gaines creations of the moment.



Tapered Mirror

This is the piece that every design blogger and their mother are freaking out about, and I get it: It evokes that same midcentury-minimalist vibe as that round gold mirror that everyone (myself included) has, but is such a nice little updated twist on the look.


Wall Pocket

Wall pocket!!!


Who knew? (Joanna did.)


Library Lamp

This is all of my office-style dreams rolled into a single, delicious piece. (I just called a lamp delicious. But in my defense: It is.)


Faux Silver-Dollar Eucalyptus in Amber Jar

I love that the collection always includes so many faux plants – it validates one of my central life choices, and also makes it way easier to find faux plants that are both extremely realistic and pretty and affordable.


Cast-Iron Spool Holder

Another entry in the category of “Things I Didn’t Know I Needed Until Joanna Told Me I Did”: a holder for my twine, so I can be all adorably rustic with my twine-y flourishes…and be adorably rustic often! Because I have twine sitting right there on my counter! In my adorably rustic cast-iron holder!


Remember To Flush Wall Sign

Because boys.


Faux Leather File Storage

Won’t it be easier to remember to be Your Best And Most Organized Self in the new year when you have one of these sitting on your desk?

I think so, too.


Plaid Throw Blanket With Inexplicable Holder

I have complicated feelings about this blanket situation. Because I do not understand the leather holder thingy – does anyone actually re-roll the blanket and return it to the holder in between uses? Isn’t the point of blankets for them to be stuffed so haphazardly into your linen closet that the doors pop open so frequently that you decide to just leave them that way?

And yet.

…And yet.


Tripod Floor Lamp

This lamp is actually perfect. And is $89, which is insanity, because I’m pretty sure I saw a beat-down version of this at the Fairfax Flea Market for $3,000. And it comes in a similar tripod-y desk lamp style, too.


Wooden Note Paper Holder

Another organizational system for my children to ignore, hooray!

(In all seriousness, I think this would vastly improve my ability to keep enough orange juice to satiate my son in the refrigerator, and thus our collective lives.)

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