The Luxe List

Because sometimes it’s fun to dream big.


JFM Brass Striker

Imagine how much you think this 2-inch-tall striker weighs. Then add fifteen pounds.

It’s like the definition of luxe. Such a great “for the person who has everything”present.


Ubarre All-In-One Workout Tool

Chic home decor…or yoga-routine-enhancer?




Cire Trudon Candle

From the oldest French candle manufacturer, these are like the Rolls Royce of candles, if you can picture such a thing. And this year they’re releasing their most iconic scents in hand-blown rose-gold glasses layered with gold leaf.


Lumira Arabian Oud Candle

Another contender in the “luxury candle” category, this fragrance combines the rare oud accord with deep rose and sandalwood, and is all “oh look at me, having a glamorous night in with my glamorous candle.”


Linus Beach Bike

That is me, riding a Linus bike borrowed from a friend. I know very little about the mechanics of bikes, as evidenced by this little experience, but I do know a gorgeous bicycle when I see one, and these are gorgeous. And I hear from people who know much more about such things than me that Linus is also the gold standard in terms of performance and versatility. The link above will take you to the Linus Bike x Goop collaboration, but you can check out the full line here.


Kait & Toby Necklace

These necklaces – which come in mini, midi and maxi sizes (I’m wearing the midi, above) are customizable, and allow you to incorporate a Significant Stone into the line of diamonds: a stone to commemorate your birthdate, a significant moment, a memory…anything that works for you. And 5% of all purchases go to the charity of your choice.


Gray Malin Acrylic Tray

My adoration for Gray’s work is well-known (you can see a tour of my old house featuring the pieces I own over on Gray’s site), and I love the idea of these acrylic trays for a coffee table centerpiece. Beautiful, functional, win.


Grey State Zadie Sweatshirt

Grey State makes the softest, loveliest sweatshirts (and sweaters, and leggings, and t-shirts), and the Zadie is kind of like if you mixed your favorite college sweatshirt with a tuxedo. I’m into it.


Sefte Rose Quartz Lumbar Pillow

This cashmere lumbar pillow is accented with rose quartz crystals, said to have healing qualities.



Shaun Leane Quill Earrings

On my own personal wishlist: THESE.

Santa can you hearrrrr meeeee….

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