Gift Ideas For Other People’s Kids (That You Can Be Reasonably Certain They Don’t Already Have)

I cannot tell you how many times I have triumphantly handed over a present to a friend’s child, only to watch them open it and have the mom say “OH HOW GREAT IS THAT?!”…at which point the child informs me that um, he already has three of those.

This holiday season, when giving gifts to other people’s children: Don’t be me.

(These gifts also work for your own kids, obvi.)


Locker Board

Designed by an 11-year-old who got all annoyed that he couldn’t fit his skateboard into his locker, the Locker Board is the only non-folding, sustainable skateboard on the market. (It also fits neatly into a backpack.)

Oh, and Richard Branson is an investor.

Goodness gracious, kid. You’re showing us all up.


Shop White Loft Growth Charts

In our old house, we’d been marking our kids’ growth on the inside of a closet for years – and the idea of leaving that behind was so sad to me that I swear, I came close to asking the new owners if I could take the door frame with me.

For our new house – which might be forever, but (as I’ve learned) might not be, because you never know: Fabric growth charts that hang on the walls, and that can come with us wherever we go.

Use code RAMSHACKLE at checkout for 15% off.


Village Anthology Cat Cat Sunglasses

When I first started hunting around for products for these gift guides, I just so happened to be sitting on the floor in Francesca’s apartment (during the evacuation). And she just so happened to be looking over my shoulder when I stumbled across these sunglasses. And both of us just so happened to say – practically simultaneously – “OOH I WANT THOSE.”

We meant we wanted them for us.

But apparently they are for kids.

Such is life.


Jooki Screen-Free Music & Story Player

I’m constantly playing my kids songs on my phone, but therein lies the problem of associated videos. (My daughter loves Fergie, and I REALLY wish the video for “Big Girls Don’t Cry” was maybe a teeeeeeeeny bit less focused on Milo Ventimiglia’s naked body, just saying. For my daughter’s sake, I mean. Not mine. I am fine with Milo Ventimiglia’s naked body.)

Aaaaanyway. The Jooki also lets parents control content, and volume (YAY), and is perfect for travel.


Make America Grape Again

The story of how one misguided orange almost ruined the whole fruit salad.


Swoop Lego Storage Bag

OK, so mayyyyybe this one is a little bit more for Mom, but come ON: it’s genius. There is not a parent out there who has not suffered from the dreaded Lego Embedded In Foot Syndrome. (You can also get really cool handmade versions on Etsy.)


My First Book of Feminism (For Boys)

“Play dress-up or wrestle. Make art. Play with toys! Games are not made for just girls or just boys.”

AW. (There’s also lessons in there about respect, expressing emotions, and consent. Love.)



Here to keep the (inner) peace.


Dancing (And Singing!) Gizmo

Tell me you wouldn’t have died to have your own Gizmo when you were a kid. (Or even now. I bought this for my kids, but let’s be honest: That thing is mine.)



The good thing about giving kids old-school Tamagotchis is that they’re so old-school that they probably don’t have one already. And they actually are really cool: You have to feed them and play with them, and clean up their poop, and it’s all very “this is what I did for you when you were a baby; you’re welcome.” The bad thing about giving kids Tamagotchis is that either you will take care of them yourself, or they will die. And also you may accidentally program their time settings wrong, which will make them beep at you ALL FUCKING NIGHT to feed them/play with them/clean up their poop, and you will do this because otherwise your children will be sad, and in the meantime you will be transported back to the precise era of sleeplessness and poop that you had thought you’d left behind.

Tl;dr: Weigh those pros and cons. Then do as you will.

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