Reader Recipes Are Back! (And I Would Really, Really Like Yours)

Me cooking and blogging, a looooong time ago in the old apartment

Since I’m busy reminiscing about cooking today: Those of you who’ve been reading here since way back when may remember that I used to make reader-submitted recipes on a fairly regular basis. They were a big part of the process of me figuring out how to cook, since they usually felt more accessible to me than recipes in cookbooks and such (and since I could just email the person who sent the recipe in if I had a question), and a few of them are still in regular rotation at our house, because they were just that good. (Most of them, obviously, are pasta.)

So: If you have a family-friendly – read: easy and non-fussy – dinner recipe that you particularly love and think I need to make…help a girl out? It doesn’t have to be your personal recipe; just one that you love.

(And just for fun, below is a rundown of my all-time favorite reader recipes. Be warned: Some of them date back to 2010 and include some seeeeeriously spectacular food photography fails.)


"Crack Pasta"

This recipe has evolved a bit over the years (I put peas in now for no especially good reason apart from that I like peas in my pasta), but the original is always worth a re-visit. It is, per its name, addictive.


Fettuccine with Saffron, Shrimp & Peas

When my son first tried this dish, this is how the conversation went:

“What’s that.”


“I don’t like shrimp.”

“You’ve never eaten shrimp.”

“I don’t like it.”

“Try one bite.”


…And then he ate them all.

I’m serious. ALL OF THEM.


Caprese Pasta

Excellent when served warm and drippy…but even better the next day, cold and eaten straight from the refrigerator.


Chicken Vesuvio

Even when I think, “ehhh, not in the mood for chicken”…I am always in the mood for this. It’s that good.


Twisty Lemon Linguine

This is another one of those eat-cold-straight-out-of-the-refrigerator pasta dishes, and is so perfect for a summery lunch. Not that it’s summer. But you know.

(Image via Eat In My Kitchen because I couldn’t bear to post my own, even though you’ll see it if you click through the link.)



I cannot make bread, but with this recipe, I can. Now you have this recipe and can make bread, too.

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