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me + sea + my mama tee

Hatch created this MAMA tee to support Every Mom Counts’ efforts to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for every woman, everywhere (100% of net proceeds goes to the cause). If you need another excuse to pick one up, it also happens to fit like a dream. And has POCKETS. (It’s their signature bateau top, and so it also comes without the lettering if you don’t want to advertise your maternal status – and FYI, even though Hatch is technically a maternity company, this top one thousand percent works for the non-pregnant.)

Sooooo it turns out Dapper + Crown makes what might be the cutest little girl’s dress I’ve ever seen (please get the yellow).

But where will I get my sparkly cat ears?! (I’d be sad about the fact that all Claire’s stores are closing, except they did falsely accuse me of shoplifting a pair of sunglasses when I was about twelve, and in doing so triggered my go-to cry-when-confronted-with-authority-figures-even-when-I’ve-done-nothing-wrong-thereby-making-myself-look-definitely-guilty reflex, with a predictable aftermath that involved mall cops and my mom. So I guess…eh. Peace out, Claire’s.) (RIP Claire’s, The Purest Store In Any Mall, via Mashable.)

Smith & Hawken candles (available at Target) smell SO good and are bizarrely well-priced for how fancy-looking (and smelling) they are. Put one in every room and burn with abandon. (I especially love the Waterlily & Aloe scent, but you may have to go into the store for that one; I don’t see it online.)

All of a sudden I want a shag cut. (On-Trend Cuts For 2018, via BuzzFeed.)

I’m going to post before and after photos of my daughter’s room ASAP, but in the meantime look at her wallpaper please

Lindsay Lohan is the new face of THIS IS REAL.

When I was in the Caymans I saw a teenage girl with this weird sort of handle thing hooked onto the back of her phone and thought, “Huh. I guess that’s what the kids are doing these days.” And then I saw that weird handle thing in the store, and learned that a) It is called a Pop Socket, and b) If you are a constant phone-dropper (me too; hi) or a constant Instagrammer, you need to own one (it especially helps with top-down photos – of flat lays and such – because it gives you way more stability). Game-changing.

multiple small diamond single earrings in one ear

My body HATES cartilage piercings, and I’ve had to take a few out over the years because they end up so infected, but I love them, so I’ve kept trying – and I’ve had the most luck by far with the ones that Brian at Body Electric Tattoo has given me thanks both to his technique and to the products he told me to use during the healing process. If you have tricky piercings, do yourself a huge favor and wash your ear daily with this and weekly with this, and generously spray on NeilMed Wound Wash whenever it occurs to you (I just do it every time I go into the bathroom).

Everything about this sounds exhausting. (What A Threesome Is Like & 20 Things To Know Before You Try One, via Elite Daily.)

I want all of these for my kitties obbbbbviously, but mostly the teepee house that makes your cat look like it’s on a glamping trip. (11 Hilarious Cat Beds You Will Wish Came In Your Size, via PopSugar Moms.)

My friend and colleague Olivia gave me Nora Ephron’s Heartburn as a gift awhile ago, and it immediately shot into a shortlist of my favorite books ever. I didn’t put it down until I finished every page (it’s short – almost a novella – so you can believe me on this one).

Maybe it’s because I lived in Hollywood at the exact time that the whole Lindsay Lohan/Britney Spears/Paris Hilton hurricane of insane celebrity behavior hit during the mid ’00s, but I found this article FASCINATING. (How Paris Hilton Got Left Behind, via Buzzfeed.)

I’m not exaaaaactly sure what you’re supposed to do with a leather-trimmed “mobile canvas bin,” but that doesn’t mean I can’t want one.

And here I’d thought I couldn’t be a bigger fan of National Geographic. (For Decades, Our Coverage Was Racist. To Rise Above Our Past, We Must Acknowledge It.)

I didn’t need this information in order to want to eat at McDonald’s (yes I know, sue me it’s delicious), but there you have it: Now I want to eat at McDonald’s even more. (We Tried McDonald’s Fresh Beef Quarter Pounder, And You Can Too, via Food & Wine.)

I overheard two girls ordering “Loaded Coronas” at a bar in the Caribbean, and both the bartender and I were confused by the request. Turns out a Loaded Corona is just a Corona with a shot of Bacardi Limon poured into the neck of the bottle (after which you do the thumb-in-the-opening-and-flip-over thing that you’d ordinarily do with a lime. Soooooo obviously I ordered one and drank it on the beach with some fried pickles on the side, and now it’s my favorite summer drink. You should try one, too.

The fact that it took me until 2018 to finally pick up a felt letterboard from Felt Like Sharing makes me feel like I should earn the blogger equivalent of a Razzie.

I love wood jewelry in general, but the Balinese-inspired piece pictured above, by Cristina V., is everything I’ve always looked for in a wood necklace: super-long, with gold accents that give it the perfect dress up/dress down balance (wear with a bathing suit/with a dress/with jeans and a tee/to bed because you’re fabulous like that). Also pictured: stackable solitaire rings.

Finally tried out the cult favorite By Terry Baume de Rose lip (or anything, really) balm, and it’s expensive, but a dream: gorgeous scent, great texture, pretty packaging.

The duvet set and curtains I’ve been coveting for a solid year are on sale. Oh dear.

As a mother of a boy, this article felt like a must-read. (What Happened After My College Found Me Guilty Of Sexual Misconduct, via The Cut.)

Related: The Boys Are Not All Right, via The New York Times.

Current favorite lip color: NARS Lip Cover in Summer Fire – a dusty pink gloss that deposits more pigment than a tinted balm, but less than a lipstick, with next-to-no goop factor (I especially love it layered over a nude shade like my go-to, Lipstick Queen Sinner in Pinky Nude.)

Just came across this old post of mine about the cosmic joke that is the work/life balance and thought it was worth a re-visit.

If you still haven’t ordered that $27 blouse I recommended a few weeks back (you can see a pic of me in it here), you really should go ahead and do that (read this comment as evidence). Just go down one size, because it runs big – I’m typically a medium, and a small in this fits me perfectly (by which I mean nice and loose).

Apparently Target is having a millennial pink moment (as is my daughter). Most of what is shown in the pic above is from Project 62’s new collection for Target, which has tons of great decor pieces. (Her dress is here, BTW.)

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