Meet Buffy

Both Kendrick and I are extremely particular about our sleep situations. He has the internal composition of a deep-freezer and is never, ever warm enough, and I am basically a walking, talking hot potato. (We get in a lot of fights over our bedding, in case it wasn’t clear.) One thing we do agree on: the importance of a transcendently fluffy comforter – you know, the kind you find in fancy hotel rooms but can never seem to replicate at home (at least not without spending several hundreds of dollars)? That kind.

A couple of weeks ago, a friend who works for a company called “Buffy” emailed me to tell me that she wanted me to try their product: a comforter that they describe on their website as being “constructed like a cloud.” The press materials elaborated on this, saying that Buffy was “poised to disrupt the bedding industry.” This seemed a little dramatic to me.

I figured it’d be…you know…a nice comforter.


Disruption achieved.

Me and my Buffy.

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It’s life-changing – so much so that I absolutely have got to tell you about it (and no, this isn’t an ad, although it totally could be one because I am SOLD). It comes in this tiny compact vacuum-sealed box with adorable pictures on it – well done, marketing team! – and when you open the wrapping it poofs out into an explosion of pure joy. I slept with it last night for the first time, and couldn’t even bring myself to put a duvet cover on it because it is that soft and wonderful. I just threw a coverlet on top, moved aside various children and animals and husbands, and had the coziest, most wonderful sleep ever. (Also, worth mentioning: It somehow managed to feel fluffily lightweight to me and warm and cozy to Kendrick. I don’t know why, but I’m not asking questions.)

A few tidbits for the factually inclined among you:

  • The comforter is filled with a mixture of eucalyptus and mineral-enriched microfiber, so it’s eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and long-lasting (and they describe the filling process as being similar to spinning cotton candy, which sounds fun).
  • It incorporates 37.5 technology, which has traditionally been used by sports apparel to keep your body at a comfortable temperature – and are apparently the first comforter company ever to do this.
  • The products are direct-to-consumer, and thus super affordable ($120 for a twin-$190 for a king or Cal King) – the founder’s goal was to offer the comfort of those thousand-dollar comforters without the price tag.
  • Buffy offers free shipping, plus a 30-day trial period with no upfront charges.

You should get this. (And as a bonus, they gave me a promo code to share with you guys, so enter JORDANR20 at checkout for $20 off.)

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