Ten Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts That Will Arrive By Mother’s Day (If You Order Them Now)

Mother’s Day is this weekend. If you’re not reading this and thinking “Yes, I know,” you’re probably in a bit of trouble if you happen to have a mother or mother-to-be in your life who will be super pissed off if she wakes up on Sunday morning and no mimosa is present.

I put together a quick list of (very) last-minute gift ideas that will all arrive at your house in time for Mother’s Day…if you order now. Like right now.

So maybe stop reading this and start scrolling down?


A Market Backpack

How adorable is this for a farmer’s market-going mom??


The Big Fat Activity Book For Pregnant People

Clearly every mother-to-be should own this. (Speaking objectively.)


The First Forty Days: The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother

I have a feeling this book is the opposite of The Big Fat Activity Book For Pregnant People, because during my first forty days as a new parent I ate mostly Chinese food and tears. But I’m sure there are new moms out there who would not take one look at the cover of this book and file it away under “Mmmhmm, suuuuuuure.” Buy it for them, maybe?


Marble Serving Board

This is simple and useful and affordable – and is an especially good idea if the mom you’re giving it to is a big Instagrammer. Everything looks better photographed on marble.


Beats Wireless Headphones

I have these, and they’re fantastic (not to mention great-looking).


Read This If You Want To Take Great Photographs

I should probably read this.


Outremer Oceane Eau de Toilette

Perfume can be tricky to buy for someone else, but this fresh scent with notes of sea salt is summer in a bottle – and who doesn’t want that?


Eberjey Kimono Robe

Lightweight and summer-perfect.


Baby Feet Exfoliant

This is THE BEST. Any woman you buy this for will be insulted and horrified, and then she will try it, and all of her gross foot skin will fall off just in time for sandal season, and then she will love you. (Note: if there is a man reading this…first, hello, man. Next, do not get this for your girlfriend or wife. This is more of a lady friend kind of present.)


Ceramic Pineapple

What is this for? Why does it exist?

Who knows. All I know is that I like it, and I think there are other moms out there who might, too.

  • antheapena

    Jordan this list is SO good, I literally want everything

    • jordanreid

      haha me too 🙂

  • sherbetgravel

    Obviously it’s too late to be a Mother’s Day suggestion, but I did this for my mom yesterday, and thought I’d share. I live in NYC and my family is in St. Louis; I was sort of a Bad Daughter and didn’t get on the stick to send something that would have made it by Sunday. So I found out where my dad and bro were taking my mom for brunch, then I called the restaurant, gave them my fam’s reservation info, and arranged for a bottle of prosecco to be sent to their table with a bit of flourish and a message from the waiter, “With love from New York.” Gave them my CC info, authorized a tip. Presentation went off without a hitch and everyone was surprised and wowed. It’s one of the laziest gifts I’ve ever executed but made a huge impact and honestly this might become “my move.” Maybe this has occurred to others to do, but I hadn’t thought of it till liiiiike Friday, and gotta say I felt classy AF.

    • jordanreid

      love that, haha! “with a bit of a flourish” is always good 🙂